McCall, Idaho

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Rotary ParkRotary Park (03/12/2002) Rotary Park in McCall seems to have a good pile of snow for the winter.

Payette LakePayette Lake (03/12/2002) Payette Lake in McCall.

Lake Side PropertyLake Side Property (03/12/2002) The shores of Lake Payette appear a bit lonely during the ski season.

Lake PayetteLake Payette (03/12/2002) in the winter.

Lake PayetteLake Payette (03/12/2002)

Bike RouteBike Route (03/12/2002) You will need some hefty chains and knobby tires to use the McCall Bike Route.

Yacht ClubYacht Club (03/12/2002) The lake may be frozen, but the Yacht Club appears to be doing a good business. Hmmm, I wander what they are doing in there?

SnapshotSnapshot (03/12/2002)

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McCall, Idaho is a resort community on the south shore of Payette Lake in Western, Idaho.

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Highway 95 (22 pictures) McCall is on State Highway 55, which is a popular scenic route to Boise--branching off US 95 at New Meadows.

Idaho State (5 pictures) McCall is a resort town in Idaho.


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