Lewiston, Idaho

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Old RoadOld Road (03/12/2002) The old road winds down the hills into Lewiston. It looks like this would be a great trek for road bikes.

Port CityPort City (03/12/2002) Lewiston is a port city.

LewistonLewiston (03/12/2002) There are some rather serious bridges crossing the Snake and Clearwater rivers in Lewiston and Clarkston.

LewistonLewiston (03/12/2002) The old winding version of U95.

Vintage TrainsVintage Trains (03/12/2002) Lewiston celebrates its history as a transportation hub with this vintage train and caboose in its park.

End of the TracksEnd of the Tracks (03/12/2002) This vintage locomotive appears to have arrived at the end of its tracks.

DowntownDowntown (03/12/2002)

DowntownDowntown (03/12/2002)

Tree Lined StreetsTree Lined Streets (03/12/2002) The downtown is an interesting little canyon of tree lined streets.

Downtown ShadowsDowntown Shadows (03/12/2002)

LewistonLewiston (03/12/2002)

Perpetually at PlayPerpetually at Play (03/12/2002) A small break in the downtown buildings provides a playground for this set of sculptures.

City CenterCity Center (03/12/2002)

Side StreetSide Street (03/12/2002) The town is in a tight valley. The main town is about three streets wide. This side street crawls up the valley walls.

Melody MufflersMelody Mufflers (03/12/2002) A good name for a muffler shop.

LewistonLewiston (03/12/2002)

Liberty TheatreLiberty Theatre (03/12/2002) An old time theatre in downtown.

Empty LotEmpty Lot (03/12/2002) The foundations of an empty lot in downtown Lewiston. I could imagine ghosts living here.

Train Terminal; stationsTrain Terminal; stations (03/12/2002) The train station has been turned into a law office.

CourthouseCourthouse (03/12/2002)

Lewiston Train StationLewiston Train Station (03/12/2002) A car blurs passed the old train station.

Lewiston Train StationLewiston Train Station (03/12/2002)

Courthouse/Police StationCourthouse/Police Station (03/12/2002) The end of the gothic era. The police station is a mix of modern institutional design with a columnar facade.

Lewiston StatueLewiston Statue (03/12/2002) A statue gracing police headquarters.

LewistonLewiston (03/12/2002) U95 does a rather dramatic drop into the Lewiston Valley, where the Snake meets the Clearwater.

US 95US 95 (03/12/2002)

LewistonLewiston (03/12/2002) This shot of Lewiston is pretty much like the last, except I caught a corner of old U95 as it snakes its way into the valley.

LewistonLewiston (03/12/2002)

Snake River ValleySnake River Valley (03/12/2002) The Clearwater meets the Snake River in Lewiston.

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Lewiston, Idaho is a western town at the confluence of the Clearwater and Snake Rivers. The town bears the name of Meriweather Lewis of the Lewis and Clark Expedition. Lewiston's sister city (Clarkston, Washington) was named after William Clark.

Lewiston is the furthest inland port for Snake River drainage. The town is nestled in the Snake River Valley.

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Context: Towns-Idaho

Clearwater River (6 pictures) The Clearwater River originates in Central Idaho.

Snake River (14 pictures) The Snake River flows through Lewiston, Idaho.

Lewis and Clark (13 pictures) The town is named for the explorer Meriwether Lewis who passed through the area in 1805.

Highway 95 (22 pictures) The town in on Highway 95 through Western Idaho.

Idaho State (5 pictures) Lewiston is in western Idaho.


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