Moscow, Idaho

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Road to MoscowRoad to Moscow (03/12/2002) A picture of the country road between Pullman and Moscow.

Grain TowersGrain Towers (03/12/2002) The grain towers dominate the skyline of Moscow

Grain TowersGrain Towers (03/12/2002) You would walk by these when you go from the University for a cup of Joe in downtown.

Grain TowersGrain Towers (03/12/2002)

Studen HousingStuden Housing (03/12/2002) Apartments cling to a hill just east of the University. The population of the town rises and falls with the university calendar.

Interesting ShapesInteresting Shapes (03/12/2002) An interesting shape for an apartment. The tower of a church in the background.

Experiments in ArchitectureExperiments in Architecture (03/12/2002) A Catholic Church in Moscow provides an interesting example of conic design.

Grain TowersGrain Towers (03/12/2002)

DowntownDowntown (03/12/2002)

City HallCity Hall (03/12/2002)

Red Square?Red Square? (03/12/2002) As I recall, this is Moscow City Hall. So I assume that this cross walk is the Idaho version of red square.

City BuildingCity Building (03/12/2002)

Methodist ChurchMethodist Church (03/12/2002)

Moscow BearsMoscow Bears (03/12/2002) The local highschool.

First United Methodist ChurchFirst United Methodist Church (03/12/2002)

First United Methodist ChurchFirst United Methodist Church (03/12/2002)

Old Moscow HighschoolOld Moscow Highschool (03/12/2002) The old highschool appears to be undergoing a renovation.

Old HighschoolOld Highschool (03/12/2002)

Public LibraryPublic Library (03/12/2002) The city library is an interesting building. The old wing was a Carnegie Library. The new wing sings of the 70s US institutional style.

John Russell SchoolJohn Russell School (03/12/2002) An imposing set of steps leading to the John Russell Elementary School.

35 Pictures: 1-20 , 20-35

Moscow, Idaho is home of the University of Idaho. It is a small agricultural town in north west Idaho. A university town, Moscow is an up and coming area. It has a vibrant downtown with bookstores, coffee shops, restaurants and clubs.

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Context: Towns-Idaho

University of Idaho (37 pictures) Moscow is the home of the University of Idaho.

Idaho State (5 pictures) The town is located in North Western Idaho.

Highway 95 (22 pictures) US 95 is the main thoroughfare for the region.

Pullman, Washington (36 pictures) Moscow is due east of Pullman, Washington (home of WSU).

Palouse (8 pictures) The town is on the Paradise fork of the Palouse River.


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