Pullman, Washington

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City HallCity Hall (03/07/2002) you can't fight it.

PullmanPullman (03/07/2002)

Season s RestaurantSeason s Restaurant (03/07/2002) This restaurant on Paradise street has an interesting stairway to climb

Rancho ViejoRancho Viejo (03/07/2002) The upper half of the two story club.

Season s InnSeason s Inn (03/07/2002)

Backside of MainstreetBackside of Mainstreet (03/07/2002) I took this picture because I liked the bright yellow bicycle sign. Any town that is bike friendly is okay with me.

Community CenterCommunity Center (03/07/2002)

Chamber of CommerceChamber of Commerce (03/07/2002)

Puffer Belly DepotPuffer Belly Depot (03/07/2002) Named in honor of George Pullman's pocket book, Pullman, Washington has a history as a railroad town.

Pullman ValleyPullman Valley (03/07/2002) The Pullman Valley from WSU.

Pulling out of PullmanPulling out of Pullman (03/12/2002) There is a nice, short country separating Pullman and Moscow.

Road to PullmanRoad to Pullman (03/12/2002) Snow covered Palouse hills on road to Pullman.

Student HousingStudent Housing (03/07/2002) A college town, Pullman has a large number of multilayered apartments within easy walking distance of the university.

Main Street BridgeMain Street Bridge (03/07/2002) Walk ways and parks line the Palouse river in Pullman

Palouse  BridgePalouse Bridge (03/07/2002)

WSU EntranceWSU Entrance (03/07/2002) Turning onto Stadium Way from Main.

36 Pictures: 0-20 , 21-36

Pullman, Washington is a modern town on the Palouse river. Most of the buildings were built after the 1910 fires.

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Palouse (8 pictures) Pullman was built in the Palouse valley, where three tributaries of the Palouse meet.

Washington State University (60 pictures) Pullman is home of the Washington State Cougars.

Moscow, Idaho (35 pictures) Moscow, Idaho is 10 miles to the east of Pullman


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