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Christ United MethodistChrist United Methodist (04/03/2013) Christ United is a Methodist Church located at 2327 E 3300 S, Salt Lake City, UT.

Salt Lake ChurchSalt Lake Church (03/01/2013) Our Saviour's Lutheran Church framed by Mount Olympus.

Saint Charles ChurchSaint Charles Church (05/01/2010) Saint Charles church in Salmon, Idaho.

Hellgate ChapelHellgate Chapel (10/25/2007) The Hellgate Chapel, built in 1863, was one of the first churches in Western Montana.

Babtismal FontBabtismal Font (06/06/2009) A baptismal font in the Church of the Holy Apostles of Meridian, Idaho.

St. Joseph - RawlinsSt. Joseph - Rawlins (05/25/2007) The Saint Joseph\'s Catholic Church in Rawlins, Wyoming.

Methodist ChurchMethodist Church (05/01/2002) The Bigfork Methodist Church.

St Charles Catholic ChurchSt Charles Catholic Church (05/16/2002) 505 Hope Ave
Salmon Idaho 83467

Church ForkChurch Fork (04/27/2006) The brook at the Church Fork Picnic Area.

RampRamp (04/27/2006) A ramp to the shores of Mill Creek at the Church Fork Picnic area.

Church of the RedeemerChurch of the Redeemer (03/07/2002) As I recall, this is the Epsicopal Church. There is an interesting branch in the center of the picture.

Methodist ChurchMethodist Church (03/07/2002) in Pendleton, Oregon

Saint Mary s Catholic ChurchSaint Mary s Catholic Church (03/07/2002)

St Mary s Catholic ChurchSt Mary s Catholic Church (03/12/2002)

Saint Mary s MissionSaint Mary s Mission (06/03/2002) The mission was founded by Fr. Pierre DeSmet, S.J., and Fr. Anthony Ravalli, S.J (name sake of Ravalli County in the Bitterroot Valley of Western Montana)

Saint Joseph s ChurchSaint Joseph s Church (10/22/2005) The old and new St. Joseph's Church in Grand Junction.

First Presbyterian ChurchFirst Presbyterian Church (01/12/2006) The First Presbyterian Church of Salt Lake City at South Temple and C Street.

Saint Joseph ChurchSaint Joseph Church (12/20/2004) Saint Joseph Church in Fort Collins, Co.

Salt Lake CathedralSalt Lake Cathedral (01/12/2006) The Salt Lake Cathedral on South Temple in Salt Lake City.

Salt Lake CathedralSalt Lake Cathedral (01/12/2006) The Cathedral of the Madeleine in Salt Lake City.

LDS StakehouseLDS Stakehouse (06/20/2006) An LDS Stakehouse with large field near Peoa, Utah.

Saint Ann Parris ChurchSaint Ann Parris Church (03/23/2007) Saint Ann Parrish in Salt Lake City has a distinctive wedge shaped church.

Methodist ChurchMethodist Church (03/01/2003)

Saint Joseph s Catholic ChurchSaint Joseph s Catholic Church (05/25/2007) According to the Diocese web site, the corner stone for the Saint Joseph's Catholic Church in Rawlins was laid in 1915, and the structure completed in 1916.

Windy CornerWindy Corner (05/25/2007) The Victory Baptist Church and Windy Corner in downtown Rawlins, Wyoming.

First Presbyterian Church - Salt LakeFirst Presbyterian Church - Salt Lake (07/25/2008) The corner stone of the First Presbyterian Church was laid in 1903. It was built from sandstone found in Red Butte Canyon.

Church of the Holy ApostlesChurch of the Holy Apostles (06/06/2009) The Church of the Holy Apostles viewed from Chinden Boulevard in Meridian, Idaho.

Wasatch Presbyterian ChurchWasatch Presbyterian Church (06/06/2010) This church on 1700 East 1700 South is capped with a shiny metal roof.

Our Saviour s Lutheran ChurchOur Saviour s Lutheran Church (03/01/2013) Our Saviour's Lutheran Church is located at 2500 East 3900 South in Holladay

1-29 Pictures

Pictures of Churches

Churches serve as social and spiritual centers of a community. Consequently, church buildings often reflect the finest architecture and architecture of a community. This gallery shows a small subset of the church buildings that I found to be of interest.

The gallery is small because, when I started photographing buildings in a town, I was worried that I might offend someone by taking pictures of one church and not of another. I finally realized that I was being foolish. People have constructed some extremely beautiful churches that I have passed because the light was bad, I couldn't find a parking space, or I didn't have my camera with me. I was silly to think that people would take offense of my taking a picture of their church, or they would be offended if I missed their church.

Context: Buildings

Holy Trinity - SLC Greek Orthodox Church (7 pictures) The Greek Orthodox Church in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Chuches of Salmon Idaho (10 pictures) To stretch the legs, I took a walk through Salmon, Idaho and took pictures of the different churches. This view provides insight on the diversity of many towns.

Temple Square (115 pictures) Temple Square in Salt Lake houses the office and main temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Mother Cabrini Shrine (15 pictures) This gallery shows the Mother Cabrini Shrine that overlooks I70 and Denver.


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