Pendleton, Oregon

Pendleton, Oregon

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Pioneering DevicesPioneering Devices (03/07/2002) The pioneers had many clever devices such as this unit that would help separate milk from cream.

Pendleton OverlookPendleton Overlook (03/07/2002) This picture was taken from the hill near Exit 209. The yellow buildings are the Oxford Suites. You can see the rodeo grounds and flour mill at the far end of town.

Pendleton OverlookPendleton Overlook (03/07/2002) Zooming in on the town.

Pendleton Grain GrowersPendleton Grain Growers (03/07/2002)

Pendleton Round-UpPendleton Round-Up (03/07/2002) The stadium is empty during the winter, waiting for the start of the Rodeo season.

Pendleton StadiumPendleton Stadium (03/07/2002) Another shot of the Pendleton Stadium.

AmpitheatreAmpitheatre (03/07/2002) An open air theatre in the rodeo grounds park.

Hall of FameHall of Fame (03/07/2002) Future home of the Rodeo Hall of Fame.

Umatilla RiverUmatilla River (03/07/2002) This is the Umatilla River at low water.

Umatilla RiverUmatilla River (03/07/2002) Ripples on the Umatilla river. Hmmm, this might be fun in an inner tube on a summer's day. I am curious if kids tube this in the summer, or if the well intended construction projects have turned this river into a death trap...leave a comment.

Umatilla FarmlandUmatilla Farmland (03/07/2002) The rolling hills heading north out of Pendleton are graced with charming farms surrounded by fertile fields.

Heading North to Walla WallaHeading North to Walla Walla (03/07/2002)

Umatilla County FarmlandUmatilla County Farmland (03/07/2002) Another farm planted in the rolling hills. About 20 miles north of Pendleton.

Farming CommunitiesFarming Communities (03/07/2002)

Rolling HillsRolling Hills (03/07/2002) The rolling hills gradually build into the Blue Mountains.

Blue MountainsBlue Mountains (03/07/2002)

Grain Towers at NightGrain Towers at Night (03/07/2002) An artsy view of grain towers at night.

Pendleton ValleyPendleton Valley (00/00/0000) Sunset on the drop dead mans drop on I84 from the Blue Mountains into Pendleton.

BasketballBasketball (03/07/2002) A regal display for a basketball...displayed Pendleton Shop

Pendleton PenPendleton Pen (03/07/2002)

80 Pictures: 0-20 , 20-40 , 40-60 , 61-80

I took these pictures of Pendleton during a vacation in early March 2002. My goal was to capture a little flavor of the town for the producers of the web site Please feel free to rate the pictures and leave comments or corrections. If you have pictures to post, please notify me

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Interstate 84 (56 pictures) Pendleton is on i84


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