Pendleton, Oregon

Pendleton, Oregon

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DowntownDowntown (03/07/2002) The road from Exit 210 into town provides several interesting vistas of down town.

Pendleton MillsPendleton Mills (03/07/2002) This is the road dropping from Exit 210 into Pendleton

Downtown PendletonDowntown Pendleton (03/07/2002)

SuburbsSuburbs (03/07/2002) Pendleton is built in a small gorge. The houses of the town line the walls of the valley.

Transportation DepotTransportation Depot (03/07/2002)

UndergroundUnderground (03/07/2002) A pedestrian walkway in Pendleton. We are near the famed Pendleton Underground.

TorusTorus (03/07/2002) Every town needs a torus.

City HallCity Hall (03/07/2002)

Pendleton TorusPendleton Torus (03/07/2002)

Fudge FactoryFudge Factory (03/07/2002)

Pendleton Book CompanyPendleton Book Company (03/07/2002) I was taken by the interesting combination of cream and forest green on this history (1887) structure.

Office BuildingOffice Building (03/07/2002) Near the railway station, this handsome warehouse/office conversion is a very nice, attractive, cosmopolitan flair.

Historic VilliageHistoric Villiage (03/07/2002) The historical society is builing a historic villiage. This is a great place to come and learn about the history of the people and the area.

Historic VilliageHistoric Villiage (03/07/2002)

Water TowerWater Tower (03/07/2002) I imagine this to be one of the water towers that would grace the western rails.

Railroad buildingRailroad building (03/07/2002)

CabooseCaboose (03/07/2002) This caboose appears to be part of the collection of artifacts going into the new Pendleton museum of history.

Museum ExtensionMuseum Extension (03/07/2002) Fear not, we will be able to continue making history thanks to the hard work invested in the museum extension.

Museum of HistoryMuseum of History (03/07/2002)

Dispatcher StationDispatcher Station (03/07/2002) The museum contains several interesting exhibits, such as this dispatch station used by the railways.

80 Pictures: 0-20 , 20-40 , 41-60 , 60-80

I took these pictures of Pendleton during a vacation in early March 2002. My goal was to capture a little flavor of the town for the producers of the web site Please feel free to rate the pictures and leave comments or corrections. If you have pictures to post, please notify me

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Interstate 84 (56 pictures) Pendleton is on i84


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