Pendleton, Oregon

Pendleton, Oregon

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The YardThe Yard (06/02/2002) The Pendleton Pen lit up at night.

Pendleton ValleyPendleton Valley (03/07/2002) A picture from the drop into Pendleton on I84

Umatilla PlainsUmatilla Plains (03/07/2002) The checkerboard pattern of the Umatilla plains

National Forest DepotNational Forest Depot (03/07/2002) The Umatilla National Forest office (near exit 209) has a good view of the valley.

Clock TowerClock Tower (03/07/2002) The pendleton clock at the Umatilla County Courthouse was purchased in 1889. The tower was erected on the centennial in 1989.

Clock WorksClock Works (03/07/2002) The centennial committee put the clock works in this class case so that we can enjoy the high quality craftsmanship put into the clock work.

County CourthouseCounty Courthouse (03/07/2002) A magnificent tree graces the Utamilla County Courthouse.

Clock TowerClock Tower (03/07/2002) The Clock tower at the Umatilla County Courthouse.

Church of the RedeemerChurch of the Redeemer (03/07/2002) As I recall, this is the Epsicopal Church. There is an interesting branch in the center of the picture.

Methodist ChurchMethodist Church (03/07/2002) in Pendleton, Oregon

Methodist ChurchMethodist Church (03/07/2002)

Museum StatueMuseum Statue (03/07/2002)

Byrd SchoolByrd School (03/07/2002) The museum has several interesting structures including this old school house.

Chamber of CommerceChamber of Commerce (03/07/2002) The Chamber of Commerce is located in down town near the old train station. It is an excellent source of information on businesses and activities in the region.

After that Vapor Trail!!!!After that Vapor Trail!!!! (03/07/2002)

Church of the RedeemerChurch of the Redeemer (03/07/2002)

Church of the RedeemerChurch of the Redeemer (03/07/2002)

Church of the RedeemerChurch of the Redeemer (03/07/2002)

Close UpClose Up (03/07/2002) I enjoyed the shadows of the trees and entrance to the church.

Pendleton Woolen MillsPendleton Woolen Mills (03/07/2002)

80 Pictures: 1-20 , 20-40 , 40-60 , 60-80

I took these pictures of Pendleton during a vacation in early March 2002. My goal was to capture a little flavor of the town for the producers of the web site Please feel free to rate the pictures and leave comments or corrections. If you have pictures to post, please notify me

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Interstate 84 (56 pictures) Pendleton is on i84


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