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Assembly HallAssembly Hall (02/12/2001) Okay, imagine a large yellow fireball, hurdling from the skies as an angel on skates swoops down to save the righteous in Assembly Hall.

Chihuly CorridorChihuly Corridor (02/25/2002) A corridor showing Chiluly plexiglass paintings. These acrylic paintings on plexiglass play with light in much the same way as his glass works.

VaseVase (02/25/2002) Several large vases by Chihuly Glass.

PicturePicture (02/25/2002) Dale Chiluly transfers his talents from the blow pipe to the canvas. His acrylic paintings on plexiglass captures much the same vibrant colors, motion and light of his glass works.

ChandalierChandalier (02/25/2002) A Chilhuly Chandalier on display for the Olympics.

Sea FormSea Form (02/25/2002) A Chihuly sculpture on display for the Olympics

ChandalierChandalier (02/25/2002) A blurry picture. However, you can imagine the light cast off and through the various creations of Chihuly Glass.

Exhibition SpaceExhibition Space (02/25/2002) A little blurred. The exhibit took full advantage of the different layers in the Salt Lake Art Center

ChandaliersChandaliers (02/25/2002)

ChandalierChandalier (02/25/2002) Placed in a stairway, you can get different views of the work as you wind your way to the top landing

Viewing RoomViewing Room (02/25/2002) The ushers invite you to lie on the floor and stare into the large glass collection on the ceiling above.

VasesVases (02/25/2002) Again, the picture is blurred. Compare the size of the vases to the shadow of the patrons.

Vase ExhibitVase Exhibit (02/25/2002) Looking down at the Vase Exhibit.

Jerusalem ExihibitJerusalem Exihibit (02/25/2002) These are some of the pieces that resulted from the Light of Jerusalem exhibit of 2000.

Art PiecesArt Pieces (02/25/2002) Individual art pieces.

Individual PiecesIndividual Pieces (02/25/2002) The exhibit also displayed many of the smaller pieces from Chihuly glass, which showed talent and experiments of the artists.

Flower VaseFlower Vase (02/25/2002) The lighting of glassworks is critical in the display. Although the picture is blurry, you can see gallery did a good job displaying the light to both highlight the vase and create shadows.

Custom TwistsCustom Twists (02/25/2002) Each of these large vases are topped with a custom glass blowing twist.

Shadow VaseShadow Vase (02/25/2002) The lighting is as enchanting as the works themselves.

ChandalierChandalier (02/25/2002) Looking down at a chandalier.

Painting DetailPainting Detail (02/25/2002)

Dale ChihulyDale Chihuly (02/10/2001) The sun and earth sculptures of Dale Chihuly.

Dale Chihuly StatueDale Chihuly Statue (02/12/2001) Another view of the cool glass sculptures.

Subtle colorsSubtle colors (02/25/2002) A nice subtle mix of colors. Dale Chiluly paints with acrylic on plexiglass. This combination does an excellent job reflecting and playing with light.

Light ExhibitLight Exhibit (02/10/2001) This picture captures some of the lights of the Olympic festivities. It shows the red torch sculpture in Arbravenal Hall, the sun chandeliere, with a reflection of the building wraps.

Assembly HallAssembly Hall (02/12/2001) Salt Lake, done up with olympic decorations.

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The arts festivals that accompanied the 2002 Winter Games brought Salt Lake City a wealth of artistic talent, most notable was the Dale Chiluly exhibit at the Salt Lake Arts Center. Dale Chihuly is a glass blower and is developing a reputation as America's foremost artist. He is known for creating glass exhibits that enhance and define an area.

The most prominent parts of the exhibit were the Sun and Earth chandeliers displayed outside the gallery, and the Olympic Flame chandalier displayed in Abravanel Hall. For more information and professional photographs of his work, you can visit Chihuly.com. The coffee table book For more pictures, you can check out the book Chihuly : Form from Fire is a great reference and resource for Chihuly Glass fans.

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Abravanel Hall (9 pictures) Next to the art center.

UTA Trax (156 pictures) The Art Center is at the Temple stop on Trax.

2002 SLC Games (64 pictures) Dale Chiluly displayed his works during the 2002 Olympics.

Salt Lake City (434 pictures) I saw the exhibit in Salt Lake City.


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