Skeeter the Cat

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Can a Round Cat fit through a square hole?Can a Round Cat fit through a square hole? (02/24/2002) Can Skeeter possibly fit through its cat hole?

SinduSindu (02/25/2002) Sindu looks on while Skeeter the cat embarasses the species by trying to fit through the cat door.

Contemplating a Square HoleContemplating a Square Hole (02/25/2002) Hmmm, this hole appears to be slightly smaller than me.

Success!!!!Success!!!! (02/25/2002) I have successfully navigated this treacherous square hole. After I eat these two kitty treats, will I be able to make it back inside?

1-4 Pictures

Skeeter the Cat

Skeeter had a big problem. He was bigger than doggy door providing egress; Going outside was a fur scraping experience.


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