City County Building and Court House

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Matheson CourthouseMatheson Courthouse (04/15/2009) The Matheson Courthouse building on State Street in Salt Lake City.

Look, It s SnowingLook, It s Snowing (04/15/2009) A statue express its ideals on the walk way to the City County Building in Salt Lake City.

To the HeavensTo the Heavens (04/15/2009) The City County Building viewed from State Street.

South EntranceSouth Entrance (04/15/2009) The South Entrance to the City County Building in Salt Lake City.

ColumnsColumns (04/15/2009) A close up of the detailed engravings on the columns of the City County Building.

South EntranceSouth Entrance (04/15/2009) The ornate South Entrance to the City County Building in downtown Salt Lake City.

Salt Lake JailSalt Lake Jail (02/26/2001) The demolition crew was preparing for the destruction of the Salt Lake Jail. Personally, I was waiting for the first earthquake to take it down. This view is from the city county building. Salt Lake built a new library on this site.

Salt Lake Jail & City County BuildingSalt Lake Jail & City County Building (02/26/2001) An interesting constrast of the best architecture in Utah against the worst.

City County BuildingCity County Building (02/26/2001)

Fountain at City County BuildingFountain at City County Building (02/26/2001) The large grounds at the City County Building get used for a variety of festivals and events.

Scott Matheson CourthouseScott Matheson Courthouse (02/26/2001) The new courthouse. I think US architecture is showing welcome signs of improvement.

City County Building in TreesCity County Building in Trees (02/26/2001)

City County FountainCity County Fountain (02/26/2001)

Scott Matheson CourthouseScott Matheson Courthouse (02/26/2001)

City County BuildingCity County Building (02/26/2001) The City County Building in Salt Lake City.

City County BuildingCity County Building (06/19/2003)

2003 Utah Arts Festival2003 Utah Arts Festival (06/19/2003) The 2003 Utah Arts Festival claimed the Library Square between the new Salt Lake County Library and the City County Building.

Getting into the SpiritGetting into the Spirit (06/19/2003) Utah arts events have started featuring wines. Seems like Salt Lake is moving up in the world.

South EntranceSouth Entrance (06/19/2003) South Entrance to the Salt Lake City County building.

City County Building from Library PlazaCity County Building from Library Plaza (03/01/2003) The Main Library Plaza leads to the City County Building.

44 Pictures: 1-20 , 20-40 , 40-44

The City County Building is one of the most notable structures in the Salt Lake Valley. It was completed in 1894, and was used as the state Capitol Building until the completion of the current Capitol in 1916.

It is a sandstone structure. Considering the high earthquake danger of the valley, engineers renovated the structure in the 1980s, placing the entire structure on 440 base isolators. So, while the valley shakes in the next quake, the City County building will stand strong.

The large park surrounding the City County building is often used festivals and fairs.

Across State Street is the new Scott Matheson Courthouse, to the east is the new Library complex.

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Context: Buildings

Salt Lake City (432 pictures) This region in Salt Lake contains many of the government offices, the main library and courthouses for Salt Lake.

UTA Trax (156 pictures) You can get to the City County building from either the Library stop on the University line, or the Courthouse stop on the main Sandy line.

Utah State (49 pictures) Salt Lake City is both the largest city and capital of Utah.

State Street-Salt Lake City (248 pictures) State Street passes between the City County building and the new Scott Mattheson courthouse.

Salt Lake City Library (92 pictures) The City Library is one block east of the City County Building.


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