EnergySolutions Arena

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SteamrollerSteamroller (10/25/2007) This picture of a steamroller framed by the Energy Solutions Arena is for all the teams that feel like they were just run over by a steamroller after facing the Jazz.

KSL BuildingKSL Building (03/14/2007) KSL occupies one of the buildings in the Triad Center in downtown Salt Lake City. The Triad Center was constructed in 1984.

EnergySolutions ArenaEnergySolutions Arena (03/14/2007) This shows the Southeast Entrance to the EnergySolutions Arena in downtown Salt Lake City.

End of LineEnd of Line (03/14/2007) The Delta Center stop (at the Energy Solutions Arena) is the end of line on Trax.

Union StationUnion Station (03/14/2007) The Union Station Building viewed from the EnergySolutions Arena steps.

The Delta CenterThe Delta Center (02/28/2001) This was one of the first pictures with my new Kodax 260 camera. It took me awhile to figure how to nix the border.

Delta CenterDelta Center (02/12/2001) The Delta Center surrounded by Olympic madness, viewed from the Gateway plaza.

Delta StepsDelta Steps (01/30/2001) Steps leading up to the Delta Center home of the Utah Jazz.

Energy Solutions BuildingEnergy Solutions Building (03/14/2007) The front of this building says EnergySolutions, the building in the rear has the name Homewood Suites.

Big PipeBig Pipe (03/14/2007) The Energy Solutions Arena requires a larger pipe. I took this picture to juxtapose the fire hydrant with the new pipe street crews had installed.

EnergySolutions ArenaEnergySolutions Arena (03/14/2007) This is a view of the EnergySolutions Arena from the Gateway.

EnergySolutions ArenaEnergySolutions Arena (03/14/2007) The Delta Center was renamed to EnergySolutions Arena in November 2006.

EnergySolutions ArenaEnergySolutions Arena (03/14/2007) The Newly Renamed Energy Solutions in Salt Lake City.

Public ArtPublic Art (03/14/2007) Public art work at the EnergySolutions Arena.

Salt Palace ExpansionSalt Palace Expansion (03/14/2007) This picture from the EnergySolutions Arena shows the Western Side of the newly expanded Salt Palace in downtown Salt Lake City.

KSL BuildingKSL Building (03/14/2007) This pictures shows the KSL Building in the Triad Center viewed from the Delta Center.

Public ArtPublic Art (03/14/2007) Public art on display at the Delta Center.

EnergySolutions ArenaEnergySolutions Arena (03/14/2007) This picture shows the North Entrance to the Energy Solutions Arena. This is the main entrance for Trax commuters.

PlazaPlaza (03/14/2007) Picture shows the plaza infront of the Energy Solutions Arena (looking toward the Gateway Plaza).

Energy Solutions ArenaEnergy Solutions Arena (03/14/2007) This is a backlit view of the EnergySolutions Arena in Salt Lake City.

200 South200 South (03/14/2007) This picture shows the EnergySolutions Arena from 200 South.

Delta Center at NightDelta Center at Night (03/01/2003) The Delta Center Place (South of the final stop on Trax).

Energy Solutions ArenaEnergy Solutions Arena (10/25/2007) Construction of Trax has traffic snarled on 400 West near the Energy Solutions Arena.

Energy Solutions ArenaEnergy Solutions Arena (04/17/2010) Runners pass Energy Solutions Arena during the Salt Lake City Marathon.

jogging past the arenajogging past the arena (04/17/2010) Runners jogging past the Energy Solutions Area (note to self, when taking pictures of races, include the feet. Running is all about feet.

Energy Solutions ArenaEnergy Solutions Arena (04/17/2010) If they were smart, they would actually have the race go through the arena to give folks a chance to cool off before the last leg in the Gateway.

Arena StationArena Station (04/17/2010) Two runners passing arena station before entering the delta center.

Devereau MansionDevereau Mansion (04/17/2010) The Devereau Mansion is on South Temple, across from the arena.

Rounding the CornerRounding the Corner (04/17/2010) The Salt Lake Marathon Runners bank a sharp left at the Union Pacific depot before the final stretch of the marathon.

1-29 Pictures

Energy Solutions Arena

This gallery shows images of the Energy Solutions Arena (events) in downtown Salt Lake City. The arena is the home of the Utah Jazz basketball team and is the center of many major events and concerts. The arena was a primary venue for the 2002 Winter Games. The arena seats 19,111 people for Basketball Games.

Groundbreaking for the Arena took place on May 22, 1990. The structure was completed on October 4, 1991. The cost of the construction was $93m. Delta Airlines held the "naming rights" for the first 15 years of the stadium's existence. On November 20, 2006 the name of the arena changed from The Delta Center to EnergySolutions Arena.

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