Abravanel Hall

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Assembly HallAssembly Hall (02/12/2001) Okay, imagine a large yellow fireball, hurdling from the skies as an angel on skates swoops down to save the righteous in Assembly Hall.

Light ExhibitLight Exhibit (02/10/2001) This picture captures some of the lights of the Olympic festivities. It shows the red torch sculpture in Arbravenal Hall, the sun chandeliere, with a reflection of the building wraps.

Morning Sun Through Abravanel HallMorning Sun Through Abravanel Hall (02/22/2001) The morning sun was shining through the windows of Abravanel Hall, highlight the shapes of the building.

Abravanel HallAbravanel Hall (02/12/2001) The red glass sculpture of Dale Chiluly on display in Abravanel Hall. The gold plated interior provides the user with a elegant layered view.

Chiluly StatuesChiluly Statues (02/12/2001) A day time view of the statues.

Dale Chihuly StatueDale Chihuly Statue (02/12/2001) Another view of the cool glass sculptures.

Abravanel HallAbravanel Hall (02/12/2001) Assembly Hall viewed from Abravanel Hall.

Abravanel Hall InteriorAbravanel Hall Interior (02/12/2001) Another look at the interior of Abravanel Hall.

Assembly HallAssembly Hall (02/12/2001) Salt Lake, done up with olympic decorations.

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Abravenal Hall

Abravanel Hall is the home of the Utah Symphony. The building was designed and constructed for accoustical excellence. It seats 2,811 people--without a bad seat in the house.

The structure was built in the late 70s, as part of the Bicentennial Complex. In 1993, it was renamed Abravanel Hall after Maurice Abravanel (1903-1993), who led the symphony from its early days in 1947 to his retirement in 1979. Although Maurice Abravanel was instrumental in the design and construction of the complex, he never raised his baton in the building the bears his name.

See Salt Lake Sites for upcoming events.

Musician`s Friend

Context: Buildings

Dale Chihuly -- SLC Olympic Exhibit (26 pictures) The square infront of Abravanel hall housed several sculptures from Dale Chiluly.

Salt Lake City (434 pictures) Abravanel Hall is in Salt Lake City.

UTA Trax (156 pictures) You can access it from the Temple stop on trax.

Temple Square (115 pictures) Abravanel Hall is at the intersection of West and South Temple, across from the Mormon Tabernacle and Temple Square.


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