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Abandoned TracksAbandoned Tracks (01/31/2014) There's a set of abandoned tracks running along 400 West. I've often wondered why UTA didn't use this right of way for Trax. They would have reduced the number of turns and would have revitalized the west side of town.

UTA TraxUTA Trax (05/30/2013) The Main Street Trax station dumps passengers into the City Creek Center area.

Sandy OfficeSandy Office (07/23/2009) This office complex is near the Sandy Trax station viewed from the Sandy Exposition Center.

Temple Square TraxedTemple Square Traxed (06/25/2009) The rails of Trax swerve onto South Temple to avoid running into the Salt Lake Temple. It is an interesting challenge to take a picture of the spires entwined with the train\'s power lines.

Trax and ConstructionTrax and Construction (06/25/2009) Trax passes the new construction on South Temple.

Salt Lake City CenterSalt Lake City Center (06/25/2009) City Center is undergoing construction, the image includes the Beneficial Tower and McIntyre Building. Click to see the picture with perspective correction.

Zion s Bank BuildingZion s Bank Building (06/25/2009) The hole created by the reconstruction of the ZCMI Mall exposes the Zion's Bank Building in downtown Salt Lake City.

City Center StopCity Center Stop (06/25/2009) The Zions Bank Building towers above City Center Trax. This view will disappear with the reconstruction of ZCMI Mall.

Zions Bank BuildingZions Bank Building (06/25/2009) With the absence of ZCMI, One can view the Zions Bank Building from Trax.

Trax in DowntownTrax in Downtown (06/25/2009) Trax runs through the heart of downtown Salt Lake City.

City CenterCity Center (06/25/2009) The city center trax station in downtown Salt Lake City is currently surrounded by construction

Gallivan Plaza TraxGallivan Plaza Trax (06/25/2009) A fashionable lady buys a ticket at the kiosk at the Gallivan Center Trax.

Gallivan Center TraxGallivan Center Trax (06/25/2009) Gallivan Center Trax on Main Street.

Sam Weller s BooksSam Weller s Books (06/25/2009) Sam Weller's Book store is located across the street from the Gallivan Plaza.

Grand AmericanGrand American (06/25/2009) Trax zooms past the Grand American Hotel on Main Street in downtown Salt Lake City.

Trax at the Grand AmericanTrax at the Grand American (06/25/2009) Trax at the Grand American hotel in downtown Salt Lake City.

400 South Trax400 South Trax (06/25/2009) A Trax line branches off at 400 South and heads towards the U.

Main Street Salt LakeMain Street Salt Lake (06/25/2009) This view includes the Melting Pot toward the new tower at 222 South Main Strett in Salt Lake City.

222 South Main222 South Main (06/25/2009) 222 South Main is under the final stages of completion as seen in this picture from 300 south.

Trax During the RainTrax During the Rain (04/15/2009) A scene from Salt Lake City Main Street during a Spring Snow storm

156 Pictures: 1-20 , 20-40 , 40-60 , 60-80 , 80-100 , 100-120 , 120-140 , 140-156


Trax is the new, and extremely popular, lightrail system built in Salt Lake. Trax has two main routes. The first runs from Salt Lake to Sandy. The second extension runs from downtown Salt Lake to the University. Using Trax, you can save yourself the hassles of taking the freeway, and the cost of parking.

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Salt Lake City (439 pictures) Trax is a new, and immensely popular light rail built in Salt Lake City.

FrontRunner (45 pictures) The new FrontRunner Commuter Rail connects Trax to Ogden.

Gateway Plaza - Salt Lake City (118 pictures) Gateway is kitty corner to the Delta center stop (This is the last stop for the Trax Train.

EnergySolutions Arena (29 pictures) The Delta Center is the last stop for trax. The trains can be quite crowded for Utah Jazz games.

Temple Square (115 pictures) The temple station gives you access to the west end of the Salt Lake Temple, the Salt Palace and Abravanel Hall.

Abravanel Hall (9 pictures) Get off on the Temple station when you want to go to a symphony at Abravanel Hall.

Gallivan Plaza (45 pictures) The Gallivan stop is in the center of downtown. You can visit Sam Weller's bookstore or an event in the plaza.

City County Building and Court House (44 pictures) The courthouse stop on the Sandy line, and the Library stop on the University line gives you access to the main library and the city county building.

University of Utah (189 pictures) The new University Line brings you east, past the main library, Trolley Square. It currently terminates at the University of Utah football stadium.

Salt Lake City Library (92 pictures) The City Library is adjacent to the Library stop on the University line.

South Temple (208 pictures) Trax runs on South Temple between the Gateway and Main.

IHC Campus (60 pictures) The new Intermountain Medical Center is located just east of the Murray Trax Station.


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