Temple Square

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Conference CenterConference Center (05/30/2013) The trees on the North end of the LDS Conference center give the image of a forest in a granite landscape.

Fountain ViewFountain View (05/30/2013) Fountains provide an interesting frame for the spire of the LDS Temple.

Back Lit TempleBack Lit Temple (05/30/2013) A back lit view of the LDS Temple in Salt Lake City.

LDS TowerLDS Tower (05/30/2013) The LDS Church building has four images of globes. My guess is to give the building the image of a four wheeled cart.

Carriage RideCarriage Ride (05/30/2013) A lady takes a carriage ride around the LDS Temple.

LDS Conference CenterLDS Conference Center (03/23/2012) The LDS Conference Center North of Temple Square.

Main Street Pedestrian PlazaMain Street Pedestrian Plaza (06/25/2009) There is a delightful garden atop the gates entering the Main Street Pedestrian Plaza at Temple Square.

Eagle GateEagle Gate (06/25/2009) The Eagle Gate, spanning State Street, makes for an interesting shot in Salt Lake City. I understand this is the second eagle. The first was a bit more ornate, but is hidden in some collection.

Pedestrians Among the ConstructionPedestrians Among the Construction (06/25/2009) There are covered walkways to help pedestrians navigate the construction in downtown Salt Lake City.

Construction TimeConstruction Time (06/25/2009) A contractor drives a cool crane truck past the public clock at the trax station in downtown Salt Lake City.

Temple Square TraxedTemple Square Traxed (06/25/2009) The rails of Trax swerve onto South Temple to avoid running into the Salt Lake Temple. It is an interesting challenge to take a picture of the spires entwined with the train\'s power lines.

South TempleSouth Temple (06/25/2009) A view of the Salt Lake Temple from the construction walk around on Main Street. I cofess, I manipulated the photo by lighting the Brigham Young Statue.

South Temple ConstructionSouth Temple Construction (06/25/2009) Bright colors of the building materials stand out during the construction along South Temple in Salt Lake City.

Beehive HouseBeehive House (07/25/2008) This picture includes the Eagle Gate and Beehive House (Brigham Young's residence) framed by the LDS Church Office Building in downtown Salt Lake City.

Beehive HouseBeehive House (07/25/2008) The Beehive House was Brigham Young's residence in Salt Lake City.

Joseph Smith Memorial BuildingJoseph Smith Memorial Building (07/25/2008) This picture shows the Lion House and Joseph Smith Memorial Building (formerly Hotel Utah) in downtown Salt Lake City.

The Lion HouseThe Lion House (07/25/2008) The Lion House was part of Brigham Young's residence in downtown Salt Lake City.

Lion HouseLion House (07/25/2008) This picture shows parts of the Lion House on South Temple in downtown Salt Lake City.

Temple PhotographyTemple Photography (07/25/2008) A couple poses for wedding photographs at the Salt Lake Temple in downtown Salt Lake City.

Temple FountainTemple Fountain (07/25/2008) A fountain at Temple Square in Salt Lake City.

115 Pictures: 1-20 , 20-40 , 40-60 , 60-80 , 80-100 , 100-115

Salt Lake Temple

The primary temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints sits in the center of Salt Lake City. Brigham Young designed the famed street numbering system for the city around the temple. The temple is at the point of origin. All addresses in Salt Lake tell you how far you are from the Temple. 600 units equals one mile. If you live on 600 East 1200 South, you are one mile east and two miles south of the Temple.

The LDS temple is one of the most visited attractions in the United States, drawing LDS faithful from around the world during conferences and other events. In recent years, the Temple grounds have sprouted a large conference center to the north, and a walking plaza (formerly main street) to the east. The area adjacent to the LDS Temple are currently undergoing a massive rennovation.

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Salt Lake City (439 pictures) The Temple is the center of the street numbering system in Salt Lake.

UTA Trax (156 pictures) You can get to the Temple from either the Temple stop or City Center stop on Trax.

Abravanel Hall (9 pictures) Abravanel Hall sits to the southwest of the Temple.

City Creek Canyon (35 pictures) City Creek flows by the Temple. There are parks that lead from downtown, through Memorial Grove, up the canyon.

Memory Grove Park (88 pictures) A path following City Creek Canyon leads to Memorial Grove Park.

Churches (29 pictures) Pictures of other churches.

South Temple (208 pictures) South Temple separates Temple Square from downtown Salt Lake. It runs east toward the University of Utah.

LDS Buildings (54 pictures) Pictures of other LDS Temples.

Jordan River Temple (29 pictures) Pictures of the Jordan River Temple in South Jordan, Utah.

Utah State Capitol Building (181 pictures) The Utah Capitol building is North of Temple Square.


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