Clayton, Idaho

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Clayton SmelterClayton Smelter (02/09/2001) The Clayton Smelter. Hmmm, I forgot to shut the door of my car before I ran out into the street to take a picture.

Downtown ClaytonDowntown Clayton (02/09/2001) Downtown Clayton.

The rough side of townThe rough side of town (02/09/2001) Clayton is a large enough to fill both sides of the street.

Up CanyonUp Canyon (02/09/2001) This is the road leading to the old mines. I wonder how far back it goes?

Clayton Fire DepartmentClayton Fire Department (02/09/2001) Yes, the people in the building should watch for rocks as well as fires.

ClaytonClayton (02/09/2001) The bustling metropolis of Clayton, Idaho. The population is still under the speed limit.

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Clayton, Idaho

Clayton, Idaho is a mining town on the Salmon River.


Context: Towns-Idaho

Salmon River (137 pictures) Clayton is old mining town on the upper Salmon River.

Scenic Route 75 (27 pictures) It is one of the few dots on scenic route 75 through central Idaho.


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