Visual Perspective

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Perspective CorrectionPerspective Correction (06/25/2009) The previous picture with perspective correction. Click on the blog post for more info.

Grand View CanyonGrand View Canyon (05/10/2010) Entering Grand View Canyon.

Winter Road at DuskWinter Road at Dusk (01/31/2002) I am trying to find artsy perspective shots.

Snow Packed RoadSnow Packed Road (01/31/2002) This snow pack actually has pretty good traction.

Road BlurRoad Blur (00/01/2002) I took this photo of the road toward the end of dusk, then lightened the photo. I liked the affect

Valley RoadValley Road (00/01/2002) I took this picture after dusk, then lightened it to see what I would see.

The RoadThe Road (00/01/2002) A third shot taken on the road. It has a very artsy feel.

fwdfwd (11/01/1999) 400

Winter RoadWinter Road (01/31/2002) A lonely Idaho road in the winter.

Quinney Law LibraryQuinney Law Library (02/25/2002) A walkway past the law library. The receding lamp bubbles rails and trees make an interesting example of visual perspective.

The TracksThe Tracks (03/07/2002) I liked the layering and patterns in this industrial setting outside the woolen mills.

Wooden Suspension BridgeWooden Suspension Bridge (06/01/2002) Adventures travel with their horses across this bridge into the remote Frank Church Wilderness area of Central Idaho.

Weber River ValleyWeber River Valley (06/20/2006) The Weber River Valley on the western slopes of the Uinta Mountains.

BST BridgeBST Bridge (05/19/2007) This artsy picture shows a new pedestrian bridge and distant power line.

1-14 Pictures

These are simply pictures that might make good demostrations of the mathematics of visual perspective. One of my long term goals has been to write a book on perspective. I started the venture at the site Descriptive Mathematics.

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