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Lake PowellLake Powell (06/23/2001) A good Spot for a swim.

Sugar House ParkSugar House Park (01/24/2001) Looking across Sugarhouse Park toward the mouth of Parley's Canyon.

Sugarhouse ParkSugarhouse Park (01/24/2001) The sun brightens a small bowl in Wasatch Range. This picture taken from Sugarhouse Park.

Begging AttentionBegging Attention (03/12/2002) Cross this line, I dare ya. Cross this line.

DahliaDahlia (09/20/2002) A Dahlia at the Western Colorado Botanical Garden.

Moon over ArchesMoon over Arches (10/15/2005) Picture of the Moon over Arches National Park. (Taken on road to Dead Horse Point).

Golden ForestGolden Forest (10/20/2005) The North Fork trail follows this ledge in the shadow. In the distance, a group of trees try on their fall folliage. You can see cascading waters of the creek.

Mountain FlowerMountain Flower (05/19/2006) A curious little flower living high in the Wasatch.

Kolob in FallKolob in Fall (10/01/2006) Kolob Canyon in Fall.

1-9 Pictures

Resendable Greetings and protophoto are sister sites. Resendable Greetings focuses on amateur art. Protophoto focusses on photography. Well, snapping a photo is a lot easier than drawing a picture; So I will finish the protophoto site first. You can turn any photo in Protophoto into a greeting card. Simply browse through the photos; if your like it, then press the "eCard" link.

I present in this directory, a collection of photos that might make good cards.

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Flower Power (136 pictures) Flowers always make good cards. I try to take the photos of flowers in their environment. (I hate to pull the things out of the ground.)

Salt Lake City (434 pictures) Pictures of Salt Lake might be interesting during the 2002 Olympics.

The Wasatch Mountains (130 pictures) The wasatch mountains will make good greating cards during the Olympics.

Salmon River (137 pictures) Following the Salmon River in central Idaho.

Objects of Interest (63 pictures) A car is an object.


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