Park City, Utah

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A Bad Ski DayA Bad Ski Day (08/27/2001) A picture of the grass covered slopes of the ski area.

Park City Arts FestivalPark City Arts Festival (08/27/2001) I snapped several photos of Park City during the festival.

New BuildingsNew Buildings (08/27/2001) I love it, they put the construction date on the building. This is at the base of main street.

Inviting StairwayInviting Stairway (08/27/2001) Still in the new construction, the hills of Park City give architects the ability to play with layers. I have to admit, I am surprised that the building wasn't sued by the ADA for buildings stairs.

Park City Arts FestivalPark City Arts Festival (08/27/2001) The Park City Arts festival attracts a large collection of interesting art works.

One of the stagesOne of the stages (08/27/2001) The side streets are turned into stages for bands.

Arts Festival CrowdArts Festival Crowd (08/27/2001) The crowd experiencing the arts.

Park City Arts FestivalPark City Arts Festival (08/27/2001) More crowd scenes.

Putting out the fine chinaPutting out the fine china (08/27/2001) Another quick shot of the booths.

High Quality DisplayHigh Quality Display (08/27/2001) There are quite a few interesting booths at the festival.

More PotteryMore Pottery (08/27/2001) I only snapped photos of a few of the booths. It is nice to enjoy art in the high mountain alpine air.

Park City Arts FestivalPark City Arts Festival (08/27/2001) More of the crowd scene.

Park City Arts FestivalPark City Arts Festival (08/27/2001) A snap shot of main street during the festival

Festival SingerFestival Singer (08/27/2001) A singer during the festival.

The communityThe community (08/27/2001) Park City is a small mining town in the Wasatch Moutains. Main street is on the valley floor. The residences built on the valley slopes.

Crowd SceneCrowd Scene (08/27/2001) More crowd scenes.

Art CreationArt Creation (08/27/2001) This creation drew patrons into one of the more popular booths.

Art ThingsArt Things (08/27/2001) A rather interesting display.

Looking Down MainLooking Down Main (08/27/2001) Park City is a small town. During the festival, the town turns into a sea of people.

UnderpassUnderpass (08/27/2001) Park City turned its old railway right of way into a walkway. This mural is where the walkway goes under a city street.

164 Pictures: 0-20 , 20-40 , 40-60 , 60-80 , 81-100 , 100-120 , 120-140 , 140-160 , 160-164

Park City, Utah

Park City is a resort town in Summit County. Park City lies to the East of Salt Lake City. Once an mining town, it is now a major ski resort and art center.

Park City is the primary venue for the Sundance Film Institute, and holds a popular arts festival each year. There are three major ski areas close to town: Park City, Deer Valley and The Canyons.

Park City was a host of the 2002 Winter Olympics, and has promising future as a cultural and recreational mecca.

Context: Towns-Utah

Utah State (53 pictures) Park City is in eastern Utah.

Park City Main Street (58 pictures) This gallery shows additional pictures of Main Street in Park City.

Park City Mountain Resort (50 pictures) This gallery shows pictures of Park City Mountain Resort during the summer.

Park Avenue (50 pictures) This gallery shows pictures along Park Avenue in Park City.

Salt Lake City (456 pictures) Park City is a short drive up Parleys Canyon from Salt Lake City.

2002 SLC Games (64 pictures) Park City will be the site of several Olympic events in 2002.

The Wasatch Mountains (130 pictures) The town in nestled deep in the Wasatch Mountains. Rich gold veins attracted early miners. Deep snows provide a lure for the modern skier.

The Canyons (38 pictures) The Canyons Ski resort is three miles west of Park City.

Utah Olympic Park (101 pictures) The Utah Olympic Park is a must see attraction in Summit County near Park City.

Jordanelle Reservoir (27 pictures) The Jordanelle Reservoir offers water sports to the East of Park City.

Coalville, Utah (57 pictures) Coalville is the county seat of Summit County.

Newpark (39 pictures) This gallery shows pictures of Newpark in the Kimball Junction area.


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