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PlazaPlaza (03/14/2007) Picture shows the plaza infront of the Energy Solutions Arena (looking toward the Gateway Plaza).

New ConstructionNew Construction (05/15/2007) New construction at the Gateway in Salt Lake City.

Homeless ShelterHomeless Shelter (10/25/2007) There are services for the homeless just to the South of The Gateway Plaza.

Final LegsFinal Legs (04/17/2010) Runners approaching the Gateway Plaza

Rounding the CornerRounding the Corner (04/17/2010) The Salt Lake Marathon Runners bank a sharp left at the Union Pacific depot before the final stretch of the marathon.

400 West400 West (04/17/2010) The Marathon Course jogs south before entering the gateway. As I was walking, I decided to take a short cut to the finish line. If you had a friend in the race, you could stand here, cheer, then enter the plaza and cheer again.

Flemings Steak HouseFlemings Steak House (04/17/2010) I snuck into the plaza through a side entrance past Fleming Steak House.

Salt Lake Gift and SouvenirSalt Lake Gift and Souvenir (04/17/2010) A gift shop in the Gateway Plaza.

Barnes and NobleBarnes and Noble (04/17/2010) A bookstore in the Gateway Plaza.

Olympic Legacy PlazaOlympic Legacy Plaza (04/17/2010) The Finish Line was in the Olympic Legacy Plaza

Olympic Legacy PlazaOlympic Legacy Plaza (04/17/2010) A crowd gathers for the ending of the Salt Lake Marathon in the Olympic Legacy Plaza at the Gateway.

Race GoalRace Goal (04/17/2010) They had a nice covered tent in the middle of the plaza.

Finish LineFinish Line (04/17/2010) Runners take the final dash to the finish line.

The Finish LineThe Finish Line (04/17/2010) A group of runners cross the finish line at the Salt Lake Marathon. The lane on the left is for the 5K runners, the lane on the right is for the marathon runners.

Finish LineFinish Line (04/17/2010) The finish line for the Salt Lake Marathon in the Gateway Plaza.

Finish LineFinish Line (04/17/2010) The Finish Line for the Salt Lake Marathon in the Gateway Plaza. Fritz Van De Kamp had the winning time at 2:30:30 minutes. If I stayed perched at this position a few more minutes, I would have captured the lead runner.

Finish LineFinish Line (04/17/2010) Runners at the finish line of the Salt Lake Marathon and 5K

Through The PlazaThrough The Plaza (04/17/2010) Spectators line the Gateway Plaza to cheer on the participants in the Salt Lake Marthon and 5K

Silver LoftSilver Loft (04/17/2010) A store on the top floor of the Gateway Plaza.

Pacific SunwearPacific Sunwear (04/17/2010) PacSun has a store on the upper level of the Gateway

118 Pictures: 0-20 , 20-40 , 40-60 , 60-80 , 81-100 , 100-118

The Gateway Plaza

The Gateway Plaza is a new mixed use shopping district on the west end of Salt Lake. The plaza was built by the Boyer Company and was opened just prior to the 2002 Olympics and continues to draw crowds to downtown Salt Lake City.

Stores at the Gateway:

For a complete list of stores, you can visit the Boyer Company's web site. See the Salt Lake Gateway Calendar for community events.

Context: Places

UTA Trax (156 pictures) The Gateway Plaza is at the last stop (The Delta Center) of the trax system. Both the Sandy and main University lines terminate at this station.

Salt Lake City (456 pictures) The Gateway Plaza is on the west end of downtown Salt Lake City.

2002 SLC Games (64 pictures) The mall was completed just before the Olympics and was a site of many festivities

Saint Patrick s Day Parade (97 pictures) The 2003 Salt Lake City Saint Patrick's Day Parade was held in the Gateway Plaza. This was a great idea, since it created two levels of viewing area for the the Parade.

Salt Lake West Side (43 pictures) The Gateway Mall is on the west side of Salt Lake.

South Temple (208 pictures) Take a walk along South Temple.

Trolley Square (32 pictures) Trolley Square is a shopping district on the East Side of Salt Lake City.

Jordan Landing (35 pictures) Pictures of the Jordan Landing Shopping District (also developed by Boyer Company).

City Creek Shopping Center (122 pictures) The City Creek Center (completed 2012) is a new shopping center in downtown Salt Lake.


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