Liberty Park

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Playground TowerPlayground Tower (07/24/2007) This playground sits on the Northwest side of Liberty Park.

SwingsSwings (07/24/2007) A young girl triumphs on the swings at Liberty Park.

Prize FactoryPrize Factory (07/24/2007) A pavilion for the Days of 47 Parade in Liberty PArk.

Line of TreesLine of Trees (10/25/2007) It appears that the city has planted a row of Maple Trees in front of the line of Cottonwoods along the central walk of Liberty Park. I suspect the plan is to evenutally lose the Cottonwoods.

Youth CityYouth City (10/25/2007) This building in Liberty Park is currently used for Youth City After School Programs.

Drinking FountainDrinking Fountain (10/25/2007) An interestingly designed drinking fountain in Liberty Park.

Main WalkMain Walk (10/25/2007) In case you get lost, you can find a map for Liberty Park in along the main walk.

Green HousesGreen Houses (10/25/2007) Green houses at Liberty Park.

Round Concession StandRound Concession Stand (10/25/2007) A round concession stand in the heart of Liberty Park.

Ferris WheelFerris Wheel (10/25/2007) This Ferris Wheel is one of the few remaining amusement rides left in Liberty Park.

Public PoolPublic Pool (10/25/2007) This is the Southwest side of the Liberty Park Pool.

PoolPool (10/25/2007) Southwest side of the Liberty Park Pool.

Butterfly MosaicButterfly Mosaic (10/25/2007) A tree covers a butterfly mosaic on a building in Liberty Park.

Dry PoolDry Pool (10/25/2007) The Liberty Park is ready for a long cold winter.

Saint John\ s LutheranSaint John\ s Lutheran (10/25/2007) Saint John\'s Lutheran Church is due West of Liberty Park.

Garbage GraffitiGarbage Graffiti (10/25/2007) I thought this was an interesting design painted on a garbage can. Unfortunately, painting flowers on garbage cans doesn\'t work in the long run as the wear and tear make painted cans look aweful.

Tennis CenterTennis Center (10/25/2007) There is a multicourt tennis center on the west side of Liberty Park.

Rotary Play ParkRotary Play Park (10/25/2007) The Rotary helped build a new playground in the Northwest area of Liberty Park.

Water FowlWater Fowl (10/25/2007) Liberty Park is a favorite hang out for local fowl.

Liberty Park FestivalLiberty Park Festival (07/24/2007) A line of booths at the Days of 47 festival.

100 Pictures: 0-20 , 20-40 , 40-60 , 60-80 , 81-100

Liberty Park

Located on 700 East and 900 South, Liberty Park is one of the main parks in the Salt Lake valley. The park houses the Tracy Aviary, Chase Museum, the Seven Canyon fountain. It is a popular place for jogging, quick game of Volleyball, or to gather for a drum circle.

Liberty Park is the site of the main Salt Lake 4th of July fireworks display. An event enjoyed by people, but not by the poor birds trapped in the Aviary.

As this is the premiere park in Salt Lake City, it is the home of numerous community events.

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Context: Parks - Utah

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Red Butte Canyon (50 pictures) If I am not mistaken, Red Butte Creek (and possibly Emigration Creek) fill the pond at Liberty Park.


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