Liberty Park

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PlaygroundPlayground (03/14/2003) There's an interesting combination of shapes and activities in the playground.

Green HouseGreen House (03/14/2003)

The Canyons FountainThe Canyons Fountain (03/14/2003)

Jordan River FountainJordan River Fountain (03/14/2003)

Green HouseGreen House (03/14/2003)

CelebrationCelebration (03/14/2003)

BalloonsBalloons (03/14/2003)

Cottonwood TreesCottonwood Trees (03/14/2003)

Public FacilitiesPublic Facilities (03/14/2003) The park has new clean facilities...a welcome addition.

Mount Olympus and Twin PeaksMount Olympus and Twin Peaks (01/30/2001) This picture from Liberty Park captures the tops of Mount Olympus and Twin Peaks in the distance. A fog bank in Big Cottonwood canyon provides the depth. I am about 10 miles from Olympus and 30 from Twin Peaks. Should have gone megapixels on this one.

Park IslandPark Island (07/24/2007) There are two islands in the center of the Liberty Park duck pond.

A Bridge to SomewhereA Bridge to Somewhere (07/24/2007) They built a lake with an artificial island as a little nature refuge. They then built a bridge to the island; So people could see the little refuge. They then closed the bridge to the public. Clearly, a government is involved.

Closed to the PublicClosed to the Public (07/24/2007) I wasn't able to take a picture from the fake islands as the bridge to the fake island was closed.

Umbrella FailureUmbrella Failure (07/24/2007) A group of picnickers try to recover from a catastrophic umbrella failure.

Park CafePark Cafe (07/24/2007) A small cafe in the center of Libery Park.

Cool PotsCool Pots (07/24/2007) There are several really cool jet black planting pots in Liberty Park. Quite frankly, I suspect that black is not the best color for a flower pot as they get quite hot.

Water FountainWater Fountain (07/24/2007) This bubbly cauldron is part of the central water fountain system in Liberty Park.

Park FacilitiesPark Facilities (07/24/2007) Facilities on the Northwest side of Liberty Park.

LimoLimo (07/24/2007) This limo was parked adjacent to the Powwow Grounds. My guess is that Rocky Anderson is attending the event.

Hula HoopersHula Hoopers (07/24/2007) This was really cool: A rock band was playing to a throng of pint sized hula hoopers at the Pioneer Day Parade.

100 Pictures: 0-20 , 20-40 , 40-60 , 61-80 , 80-100

Liberty Park

Located on 700 East and 900 South, Liberty Park is one of the main parks in the Salt Lake valley. The park houses the Tracy Aviary, Chase Museum, the Seven Canyon fountain. It is a popular place for jogging, quick game of Volleyball, or to gather for a drum circle.

Liberty Park is the site of the main Salt Lake 4th of July fireworks display. An event enjoyed by people, but not by the poor birds trapped in the Aviary.

As this is the premiere park in Salt Lake City, it is the home of numerous community events.

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