Liberty Park

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Park PondPark Pond (07/24/2007) A small section of exposed water and flat rocks makes for a good gathering spot in Liberty Park.

Liberty ParkLiberty Park (01/30/2001) Sea gulls swoop over the all but empty park pond in Liberty Park

Liberty ParkLiberty Park (01/30/2001) Liberty Park is known for its collection of towering Cottonwoods. Cottonwood trees are a relatively soft wood. They grow tall fast. Just don't stand under them during a breeze.

Cross CountryCross Country (01/30/2001) A set of cross country ski tracks makes its way around the Liberty Park loop. The Salt Lake valley rarely gets enough snow for skiing in town. So this is a somewhat rare event.

Steel UrnsSteel Urns (01/30/2001) This steel urns are near the seven canyons fountain in the center of the park.

Park Cafe In Liberty ParkPark Cafe In Liberty Park (01/30/2001) The Park Cafe is a good spot for a liesurely breakfast or lunch.

Liberty Park WalkLiberty Park Walk (01/30/2001) There are a bunch of stone pillars in the park.

Walk WayWalk Way (01/30/2001) Dag nabbit, if they build a bunch of stone pillars, then I will take a picture of it. I just wish I had a decent level in my head so the pictures would come out straight.

Pine WalkPine Walk (01/30/2001)

PavilionPavilion (01/30/2001) During the summer, a drum circle will often frequent this pavilion.

FountainFountain (01/30/2001) The main walk and central fountain in Liberty Park.

Main WalkMain Walk (01/30/2001) The main walk in Liberty Park.

Cottonwood TreesCottonwood Trees (01/30/2001) Cottonwood trees in liberty park. Cottonwoods grow fast. They have a soft wood, and the branches fall off in highwinds.

Main WalkMain Walk (01/30/2001) Another view of the main walk in Liberty Park. You can see my camera lens in the picture. hmmm.

CelebrationCelebration (03/14/2003) Elizabeth Smart Celebration.

Rotary PlaygroundRotary Playground (03/14/2003) The Rotary Playground in a new feature in Utah's Liberty Park.

Rotary Childrens ParkRotary Childrens Park (03/14/2003)

New PlaygroundNew Playground (03/14/2003)

WoodWood (03/14/2003) A nice combination of woods. It looks like they thought ahead, and will be able to adjust slats as the tree grows.

Rotary PlaygroundRotary Playground (03/14/2003)

100 Pictures: 0-20 , 20-40 , 41-60 , 60-80 , 80-100

Liberty Park

Located on 700 East and 900 South, Liberty Park is one of the main parks in the Salt Lake valley. The park houses the Tracy Aviary, Chase Museum, the Seven Canyon fountain. It is a popular place for jogging, quick game of Volleyball, or to gather for a drum circle.

Liberty Park is the site of the main Salt Lake 4th of July fireworks display. An event enjoyed by people, but not by the poor birds trapped in the Aviary.

As this is the premiere park in Salt Lake City, it is the home of numerous community events.

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