Liberty Park

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Park BenchPark Bench (10/25/2007) A park bench donated by the Rotary in Salt Lake City\'s Liberty Park.

Horse ShoesHorse Shoes (10/25/2007) A line of horse shoe stakes for visitors at Salt Lake City\'s Liberty Park.

Veterans MemorialVeterans Memorial (10/25/2007) A veterans memorial on the main walkway in Liberty Park.

Park BuildingPark Building (10/25/2007) This building in the heart of Liberty Park houses concession stands and other resources.

Duck PondDuck Pond (10/25/2007) A duck pond dominates the Southeast corner of Liberty Park in Salt Lake City.

Foot BridgeFoot Bridge (10/25/2007) This handsome footbridge provides access to the small island in Liberty Park;s duck pond.

Crossing the BridgeCrossing the Bridge (10/25/2007) The footbridge was open. I think I will cross.

Geese in a RowGeese in a Row (10/25/2007) A line of Geese at the Liberty Park Pond.

Tracy AviaryTracy Aviary (10/25/2007) Tracy Aviary fills the Southwest corner of Liberty Park.

Park BenchesPark Benches (10/25/2007) Park Benches on the West side of Liberty Park.

Hula Hoopers RockHula Hoopers Rock (07/24/2007) Young Hula Hoopers rock out during the Pioneer Days festivities at Liberty Park.

Splash ParkSplash Park (07/24/2007) Oh no! The fire hydrant at the Liberty Park splash park appears to have sprouted a leak. Someone should fix that ... when it gets cooler.

Baseball FacilitiesBaseball Facilities (07/24/2007) Baseball Facilities kitty corner to Liberty Park.

Liberty Park ReflectionLiberty Park Reflection (07/24/2007) We can see the Wells Fargo Tower reflected in the duck pond at Liberty Park.

Park IslandPark Island (07/24/2007) The island in the artificial lake at Liberty Park is a nice little refuge from the world.

El JefeEl Jefe (07/24/2007) The one with the orange beak is quite clearly the boss.

Liberty Park BridgeLiberty Park Bridge (07/24/2007) This bridge connects the island in the artificial lake to the artificial island making a nice little spot in the city to enjoy nature.

Veterans MemorialVeterans Memorial (07/24/2007) The cement park benches are part of a World War Veterans Memorial worked into the structure of the park.

Green HouseGreen House (07/24/2007) This green house has a nice effect on the park. It is the source of many of the flower displays.

Chase HouseChase House (07/24/2007) The Chase House is a museum of folk art in the center of Liberty Park.

100 Pictures: 0-20 , 21-40 , 40-60 , 60-80 , 80-100

Liberty Park

Located on 700 East and 900 South, Liberty Park is one of the main parks in the Salt Lake valley. The park houses the Tracy Aviary, Chase Museum, the Seven Canyon fountain. It is a popular place for jogging, quick game of Volleyball, or to gather for a drum circle.

Liberty Park is the site of the main Salt Lake 4th of July fireworks display. An event enjoyed by people, but not by the poor birds trapped in the Aviary.

As this is the premiere park in Salt Lake City, it is the home of numerous community events.

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