State Street-Salt Lake City

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400 South and State400 South and State (07/04/2009) Headed into town on 400 South and State.

200 South and State200 South and State (07/04/2009) A picture heading into Salt Lake City on State Street.

Top of StateTop of State (07/04/2009) State Street turns into a two laned, tree lined road before the State Capitol.

State Street and South TempleState Street and South Temple (06/25/2009) Cranes work on the hole left by the ZCMI center on South Temple in Salt Lake City.

Eagle GateEagle Gate (06/25/2009) The Eagle Gate, spanning State Street, makes for an interesting shot in Salt Lake City. I understand this is the second eagle. The first was a bit more ornate, but is hidden in some collection.

Matheson CourthouseMatheson Courthouse (04/15/2009) The Matheson Courthouse building on State Street in Salt Lake City.

Big Ass CoffeeBig Ass Coffee (12/16/2008) Bad Ass Coffee is a chain of coffee shops specializing in Kona Blends of coffee. One of their first stores was in this barn at 3530 S. State Street in South Salt Lake.

The Dawg PoundThe Dawg Pound (12/16/2008) The Dawg Pound has a beer bottle on its roof. I could not find a web site for the enterprise.

Covered BuildingCovered Building (12/16/2008) A covered building on State Street in South Salt Lake City.

Daynes MusicDaynes Music (04/14/2008) Daynes Music in Murray sells pianos and is a popular venue for piano recitals.

Illegal PhotoIllegal Photo (03/14/2007) I took this photo of downtown Salt Lake, then turned around and realized I was infront of the Federal Building. You are not supposed to have a camera near a Federal Building. A guard came out and glared disapprovingly in my direction.

Granite Education CenterGranite Education Center (10/25/2007) The Granite School District building is on State Street in South Salt Lake City.

132 South State132 South State (03/14/2007) Entrance to 132 South State Street. The building was the Orpheum Theatre in 1905. The sign says LDS Family services, although I understand its future is in question.

Marriott HotelMarriott Hotel (03/14/2007) This is the new Marriott Hotel on State Street in downtown Salt Lake City.

Eagle GateEagle Gate (03/14/2007) This is the Eagle Gate over State Street and Main. I understand that this is a replica, the original eagle is in a museum. This monument has a 76 foot span. The bronze eagle weighs two tons.

State StreetState Street (03/14/2007) This picture looks down State Street from South Temple.

The GatewayThe Gateway (03/14/2007) The Gateway Building (which I assume to be apartments) on State Street near Temple Square.

South Temple and StateSouth Temple and State (03/14/2007) Building on South Temple and State.

KFCKFC (01/25/2001) The Harmans boast that they were the first store to sell Colonel Sanders recipe for chicken under the moniker "Kentucky Fried Chicken." So if you want to treat your arteries to franchising history, you can visit their store on 3900 S State.

City County BuildingCity County Building (01/25/2001) The court house with Olympic Symbols.

255 Pictures: 0-20 , 20-40 , 41-60 , 60-80 , 80-100 , 100-120 , 120-140 , 140-160 , 160-180 , 180-200 , 200-220 , 220-240 , 240-255

State Street - Salt Lake City

State Street in Salt Lake City runs South from the Utah Capitol building in Salt Lake City to Draper. It is about 22 miles in length. State Street is one of the longest commercial thoroughfare in the country.

I have actually found State Street to be one of the better bicycle routes from the South Valley into downtown. The southern end of State Street, where the road is preparing to merge into the Interstate is the most dangerous section for bikes. The little dip at 7400, where State Street drops below the Trax line is also a little bit of challenge. The road narrows and you have to take a full lane.

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Context: City Streets

Highway 89 (20 pictures) State Street is a section of US 89.

Salt Lake City (439 pictures) State Street is the "main drag" in Salt Lake City.

Capitol Buildings (29 pictures) The Capitol Building Stands on the Northern end of State.

The Wasatch Mountains (130 pictures) The road gives you several interesting views of the Wasatch Mountains.

UTA Trax (156 pictures) The Trax Line parallels State Street from 10000 South in Sandy to the City Central Station in downtown. Trax crosses State at about 7400 South.

City County Building and Court House (44 pictures) The City County building between 400 and 500 South is the most "stately" building on the street.

Murray, Utah (132 pictures) Murray is in the center of the Salt Lake Valley (around 5000 South).

Draper, Utah (9 pictures) The town of Draper Starts at the far South End of State Street.

South Temple (208 pictures) South Temple Crosses State Street in Downtown Salt Lake City at the center of the Salt Lake City grid system.

IHC Campus (60 pictures) The new IHC hospital in Murray is a new landmark in the Salt Lake Valley.

Murray City Park (84 pictures) This gallery shows additional pictures of Murray City Park.

Gallivan Plaza (45 pictures) The Gallivan Center is between State and Main in Salt Lake City.

Independence Square - Murray (8 pictures) Independence Square is an office complex at 5600 South in Murray.


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