State Street-Salt Lake City

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Burt s Tiki LoungeBurt s Tiki Lounge (06/25/2009) Burt's Tiki Lounge is a night club on the 700 South block of State Street.

Sapa Bar and GrillSapa Bar and Grill (06/25/2009) Sapa Bar and Grill is building a rock garden on 700 South.

UncorkedUncorked (06/25/2009) The sign indicates that this building is transitioning from a Rent-A-Center business to the Uncorked Jazz Club ... cool.

Planet FitnessPlanet Fitness (04/17/2010) Salt Lake Marathon runners passing Planet Fitness on State Street.

Planet FitnessPlanet Fitness (04/17/2010) 5K runners pass the Planet Fitness franchise on State Street.

Runners on StateRunners on State (04/17/2010) Runners on State Street at 300 South.

Morning ShadeMorning Shade (04/17/2010) The big buildings of downtown offer some welcome shade to the participants of the Salt Lake Marathon and 5K

Salt Lake MarathonSalt Lake Marathon (04/17/2010) Marathon Runners passing the Scott Matheson Court House at 400 South.

Runners on StateRunners on State (04/17/2010) Runners pass the Himalayan Kitchen on State Street in the annual 5K/Marathon.

Scott Matheson CourthouseScott Matheson Courthouse (04/17/2010) Runners pass the Scott Matheson Courthouse.

Runners on StateRunners on State (04/17/2010) State street is closed for a day for the annual Salt Lake Marathon and 5K.

Marathon RunnersMarathon Runners (04/17/2010) Runners do a little bit of hill climbing on State Street before the final stretch into the Gateway.

WF TowerWF Tower (04/17/2010) Runners passing the Gallivan Center.

Running Past the Walker CenterRunning Past the Walker Center (04/17/2010) Runners pass the Walker Center during the Salt Lake Marathon.

Heading toward the CapitolHeading toward the Capitol (04/17/2010) Runners head up State Street toward the Utah State Capitol

Gallivan CenterGallivan Center (04/17/2010) As I was not participating in the race, I decided take a short cut through the heart of Salt Lake to take photos of the construction.

Sports CarSports Car (03/23/2012) Folks in a sports car parked next to a fire hydrant to snap a photo of the Stand Up Freedom Rally.

Durham Jones and PinegarDurham Jones and Pinegar (03/23/2012) The name on the tall building in the picture changed.

Stand Up for Relgious Freedom Rally - SLCStand Up for Relgious Freedom Rally - SLC (03/23/2012) The crowd at the Stand Up for Religious Freedom Rally was significantly smaller than OWS rallies.

Stand Up for Religious Freedom RallyStand Up for Religious Freedom Rally (03/23/2012) The Stand Up for Religious Freedom Rally on the steps of the Salt Lake City County Building

255 Pictures: 0-20 , 20-40 , 40-60 , 60-80 , 80-100 , 100-120 , 120-140 , 140-160 , 160-180 , 181-200 , 200-220 , 220-240 , 240-255

State Street - Salt Lake City

State Street in Salt Lake City runs South from the Utah Capitol building in Salt Lake City to Draper. It is about 22 miles in length. State Street is one of the longest commercial thoroughfare in the country.

I have actually found State Street to be one of the better bicycle routes from the South Valley into downtown. The southern end of State Street, where the road is preparing to merge into the Interstate is the most dangerous section for bikes. The little dip at 7400, where State Street drops below the Trax line is also a little bit of challenge. The road narrows and you have to take a full lane.

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Context: City Streets

Highway 89 (20 pictures) State Street is a section of US 89.

Salt Lake City (439 pictures) State Street is the "main drag" in Salt Lake City.

Capitol Buildings (29 pictures) The Capitol Building Stands on the Northern end of State.

The Wasatch Mountains (130 pictures) The road gives you several interesting views of the Wasatch Mountains.

UTA Trax (156 pictures) The Trax Line parallels State Street from 10000 South in Sandy to the City Central Station in downtown. Trax crosses State at about 7400 South.

City County Building and Court House (44 pictures) The City County building between 400 and 500 South is the most "stately" building on the street.

Murray, Utah (132 pictures) Murray is in the center of the Salt Lake Valley (around 5000 South).

Draper, Utah (9 pictures) The town of Draper Starts at the far South End of State Street.

South Temple (208 pictures) South Temple Crosses State Street in Downtown Salt Lake City at the center of the Salt Lake City grid system.

IHC Campus (60 pictures) The new IHC hospital in Murray is a new landmark in the Salt Lake Valley.

Murray City Park (84 pictures) This gallery shows additional pictures of Murray City Park.

Gallivan Plaza (45 pictures) The Gallivan Center is between State and Main in Salt Lake City.

Independence Square - Murray (8 pictures) Independence Square is an office complex at 5600 South in Murray.


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