Lone Peak

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Bells Canyon?Bells Canyon? (01/25/2001) Another view of a well lit canyon.

Lone PeakLone Peak (01/25/2001) I am on 12300 South looking toward Lone Peak.

Mountain WavesMountain Waves (01/25/2001) I liked the waves of light on the shoulder of Lone Peak. It is interesting how erosion patterns seem to have the same texture as water.

Gulches of Lones PeakGulches of Lones Peak (01/25/2001) Lone Peak has a number of these steep, extraodinarly beautiful gultches. They make for good scenery, but are extremely difficult to hike through.

Lone PeakLone Peak (01/25/2001) Another shot of Lone Peak for the day. This is from the Factory Outlet Stores.

Lone PeakLone Peak (01/27/2001) Lone Peak from the SLCC parking Lot.

Lone PeakLone Peak (02/28/2001)

Side CanyonSide Canyon (01/25/2001) It is really tough to take a picture of the wasatch front without getting a house in the way.

Wasatch ClimbWasatch Climb (01/25/2001) You may not see it in this picture, but this is one steep hill. It is part of the Wasatch Drive designated bike lane. I've come down this way, but never had the guts to drive bicycling up it.

Little Cottonwood CreekLittle Cottonwood Creek (10/10/2005) Little Cottonwood Creek in the Fort Union area. Lone Peak is in the distance.

Sandy Off Leash AreaSandy Off Leash Area (09/05/2004) This off leash area is just east of the Sandy Trax station (not that you can take dogs on the train.) Lone Peak is in the clouds.

Lone PeakLone Peak (10/02/2007) Lone Peak viewed from Murray City Park.

1-12 Pictures

Lone Peak is in the south end of the Salt Lake valley. The most popular route up Lone Peak starts in Alpine, Utah. A more grueling hike starts in the corner canyon region of Draper. This route heads straight up the exposed Draper Ridge.


Context: Mountains

Bells Canyon (21 pictures) Bell Canyon is a side canyon on Lone Peak. It is a great day hike for people in the southern valley.

The Wasatch Mountains (130 pictures) Lone Peak is one of the main Wasatch peaks viewable from the Salt Lake Valley

Draper, Utah (9 pictures) Lone Peak is due east of Draper.


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