Wasatch Boulevard

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Mount OlympusMount Olympus (04/05/2016) A view of Mount Olympus from Wasatch Drive

Brockbank DriveBrockbank Drive (12/17/2016) 4500 South turns into Brockbank Drive as it climbs East of Wasatch Boulevard into the Olympus Cove. This neighborhood is part of the newly minted Mill Creek City just South of Salt Lake.

Wasatch CleanupWasatch Cleanup (09/04/2014) This mountain of garbage in the Churchill parking lot was picked up during a cleanup along Wasatch Boulevard.

Cleanup DayCleanup Day (09/04/2014) This mountain of garbage was created during a street cleanup day on August 7.

Dan s FoodDan s Food (01/29/2014) Image shows Dan's Food framed by Mount Olympus in the Cove area.

James L. Sorenson Molecular Biotechnology BuildingJames L. Sorenson Molecular Biotechnology Building (11/21/2013) The James L. Sorenson Molecular Biotechnology Building was completed in 2012. It is a USTAR project engaged in nano-biology research.

James L Sorenson BuildingJames L Sorenson Building (11/21/2013) The new James L Sorenson Biotechnology building viewed from Wasatch Drive on the University of Utah Campus.

James Sorenson BuildingJames Sorenson Building (11/21/2013) The new James L Sorenson Biotechnology building viewed from Wasatch Drive on the University of Utah Campus.

Unwrapping the GarageUnwrapping the Garage (11/21/2013) The University is still unwrapping this new garage off Wasatch Drive. The Moran Eye Center is center right in the picture.

James L Sorenson Biotch BuildingJames L Sorenson Biotch Building (11/21/2013) The James L. Sorenson Biotechnology building is brick on the South Side and Glass on the North, The architects designed a fun front extension to highlight the transition.

James Sorenson BuildingJames Sorenson Building (11/21/2013) The South face of the James L Sorenson Building from Wasatch Drive.

Baseball FacilityBaseball Facility (11/21/2013) A ramp leads to the bleachers of a baseball facility at the University of Utah.

Heavy Wet SnowHeavy Wet Snow (05/24/2010) A heavy wet snow on may 24.

Wasatch BouldevardWasatch Bouldevard (08/22/2008) This officer directed people away from the safe sidewalk onto an extremely dangerous side road that was being used as a detour for Wasathc Boulevard during the 3300 South bridge moving project.

Mount OlympusMount Olympus (03/15/2009) Mount Olympus viewed from Mill Creek memorial park on Wasatch Drive.

3300 South Bridge3300 South Bridge (08/22/2008) The 3300 South Bridge was constructed in an open area at 3900 South and is now taking a mile ride to its placement.

Design WorkDesign Work (06/16/2008) Workers are making the molds for the concrete design on the 3300 South Bridge.

KeybankKeybank (07/12/2008) Keybank at Wasatch Boulevard and Apollo in the Olympus Cove. I know where I took the picture as I cleverly included the street sign.

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Oakview DriveOakview Drive (09/23/2007) A view down Oakview Drive to Wasatch Boulevard.

71 Pictures: 1-20 , 20-40 , 40-60 , 60-71

Foothill Drive and Wasatch Boulevard wrap around the east end of the Salt Lake Valley. The new Bonneville Trail bridges on Parley's canyon makes it easier to ride your bikes from the University along the base of the mountains to Draper. There are a few steep hills on the road, as it drops at the entrance of Big and Little Cottonwood canyon.

The headquarters for overstock.com are at the base of Big Cottonwood Canyon...which justifies my putting an ad on this page.

The Mill Creek Township (East) Map shows the intersection of Wasatch Boulevard and I80. At this intersection Wasatch merges with I215. You then have a choice of going East on I80 to Park City, West to Reno. If you stay heading north, you will pop out on Foothill Road.

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Context: City Streets

The Wasatch Mountains (127 pictures) The road is at base of the Wasatch Moutains giving you access to the many trails going into the front range.

Salt Lake City (432 pictures) Wasatch Boulevard is on the east end of the Salt Lake Valley.

Mount Olympus (131 pictures) The main trailhead for the Mount Olympus is on Wasatch Boulevard at 5800 South. It is a 3.5 mile trail that gains 4840 feet.

Draper, Utah (9 pictures) The road turns west in Draper and ends.

Parley s Crossing (76 pictures) Wasatch Boulevard ends at 3300 South. Cyclists can cross I80 at the new Parley's Crossing trail.

Olympus Hills Park (42 pictures) Olympus Hills Park is south of Wasatch Drive at 4500 South. The overpass at Churchill Middle School leads to the north east corner of the park.

4500 South Bridge (57 pictures) Pictures of the new 4500 South Bridge.

Churchill Junior High School (46 pictures) An overpass crossed Wasatch Boulevard near Churchill Junior High School.

3900 South (69 pictures) 3900 South intersect Wasatch Drive near the Olympus Hills Shopping Center.


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