Twin Peak-Wasatch Mountains

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Twin PeaksTwin Peaks (01/25/2001) Twin Peaks provide a majestic view for the residence of Draper.

Twin PeaksTwin Peaks (01/25/2001) A second snap shot of Twin Peaks...incase the first didn't hold.

Twin PeaksTwin Peaks (01/27/2001) Picture taken from the SLCC parking lot.

Mountain RidgeMountain Ridge (01/20/2006) I took a second shot of this ridge ... without the barbed wire fence.

Twin PeaksTwin Peaks (01/27/2001) Picture taken from the Salt Lake Community College on Redwood Road.

PlaygroundPlayground (04/04/2002) A small playground near the walk ways in this county park complex on 4800 South. The parents are eying the strange character holding a camera suspiciously.

Twin PeakTwin Peak (08/31/2004) Viewing Twin Peak from the Mount Olympus Trail.

Mountain RidgeMountain Ridge (01/20/2006) Ferguson Canyon is on the other side of this ridge. (There is a shadow cast on the canyon.) And there is a barbed wire fence.

Ferguson CanyonFerguson Canyon (01/20/2006) I understand that you can hike to the top of Twin Peak through this canyon.

Into the WildernessInto the Wilderness (05/15/2007) The Mill B Trail enters the Twin Peak Wilderness.

Twin PeakTwin Peak (10/02/2007) Twin Peak from Murray Park.

1-11 Pictures

Twin Peak is between Big and Little Cottonwood Canyon.

Context: Mountains

The Wasatch Mountains (130 pictures) One of the front range peaks of the Wasatch Mountains.

Wasatch Boulevard (71 pictures) Wasatch Boulevard runs along the base of the mountain.


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