Sugar House District

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Sugarhouse ConstructionSugarhouse Construction (10/28/2013) Workers augment the foundations of this new building in the heart of Sugarhouse.

Sugarhouse ConstructionSugarhouse Construction (10/28/2013) This view contrasts cement and the colorful building materials used in the Sugarhouse construction.

Reception AreaReception Area (10/28/2013) An interesting patio at the Caterina Reception Center by Cucina Nassi.

Parking GarageParking Garage (10/28/2013) A parking garage and towers in downtown Sugarhouse.

Sugarhouse PathwaySugarhouse Pathway (10/28/2013) A pathway off 2100 South leads to a small park along Parleys Creek in the Sugarhouse area.

Sugarhouse OfficesSugarhouse Offices (10/28/2013) An office adjacent to Sugarhouse Park.

Guthrie BicycleGuthrie Bicycle (10/28/2013) Guthrie Bike shop is located at 803 East 2100 South in the Sugarhouse District.

Hearth and HomeHearth and Home (10/28/2013) Hearth and Home offers fireplaces and related products at 973 E 2100 S.

Interstate 80 heading EastInterstate 80 heading East (10/28/2013) A view of Interstate 80 from the 1700 East Bridge in the Sugarhouse District.

Littlefield s Hearing AidsLittlefield s Hearing Aids (10/28/2013) Littlefield's is a provider of hearing aids in the Sugarhouse district.

Pizza HutPizza Hut (10/28/2013) The Sugarhouse Pizza Hut is located at 735 East 2100 South.

Real Foods MarketReal Foods Market (10/28/2013) Real Foods Market is a whole foods market located at 2209 South Highland Drive, Salt Lake City, UT.

Old Navy SugarhouseOld Navy Sugarhouse (10/28/2013) Old Navy has a shop in the main Sugarhouse shopping plaza.

Stroud JewelersStroud Jewelers (10/28/2013) Stroud Jewelers is located on the corner of 905 East 2100 South in Sugarhouse.

Sugarhouse BarbequeSugarhouse Barbeque (10/28/2013) Sugarhouse Barbeque is a ribs joint now located at 880 East 2100 South.

Famous FootwearFamous Footwear (10/28/2013) Famous Footwear and Old Navy are anchor stores in Sugarhouse.

Salt Lake Pizza PastaSalt Lake Pizza Pasta (10/28/2013) A convertible turns into the alley by Fiddlers which is behind Salt Lake Pizza and Pasta in the Sugarhouse District.

Home AgainHome Again (10/28/2013) Home Again is a consignment store at 1019 East 2100 South in the Sugarhouse district.

Interstate 80 from 1700 E BridgeInterstate 80 from 1700 E Bridge (10/28/2013) A view of Interstate 80 from the 1700 East Bridge.

Map WorldMap World (10/28/2013) Utah Idaho Supply / Mapworld sells maps, office and school supplies.

210 Pictures: 0-20 , 20-40 , 40-60 , 60-80 , 80-100 , 100-120 , 120-140 , 140-160 , 161-180 , 180-200 , 200-210


The Sugarhouse District in Salt Lake City gained its name during various attempts by pioneer companies to economically refine sugar from sugar beets.

Sugarhouse Park was also the site of the first prison in Utah. The Sugarhouse prison was built in 1853. The adobe prison was torn down in 1951, and the prisoners moved to the new facility at the point of the mountain.

The merchants of Sugarhouse have long strived to create an alternative shopping district to downtown. With recent major renovations, the Sugarhouse shopping district maintains its reputation as an upscale shopping district with an intriguing combination of modern and older architeture.

Businesses in the area include:

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Sugarhouse Park (89 pictures) This page shows pictures of Sugarhouse Park. Sugarhouse Park is one of the premiere parks in Salt Lake City.

Westminster College (40 pictures) Westmister College is a half mile north of Sugarhouse Park on 1300 East.

Salt Lake City (456 pictures) Sugarhouse park is in the Salt Lake Valley.

Wasatch Hollow Park (33 pictures) Pictures from Wasatch Hollow Park (which is on Emigration Creek a mile north of Sugarhouse).

Christmas Street (30 pictures) Each December, the neighbors on 1735 South and 1500 East in Sugar House light up their houses and call the display Christmas Street.

Parley's Hollow (82 pictures) Parley's Hollow is east of Sugar House Park.

Parley s Way / 2100 South (92 pictures) The main entrance to Sugarhouse Park is on 2100 South at about 1500 East.

Interstate 80 (98 pictures) Sugarhouse is on the 1300 East exit on I80.

Fourth of July (60 pictures) Pictures of the Fourth of July Firework celebration.

Saint Ann School (12 pictures) Saint Ann School and Church are located at 450 East 2100 South.

Fairmont Park (14 pictures) This gallery shows pictures of Fairmont Park in the Sugarhouse District of Salt Lake.

Gateway Plaza - Salt Lake City (118 pictures) Pictures of the Gateway shopping district on the West Side of Salt Lake City.

1300 East Bridge (26 pictures) This gallery shows the construction of the 1300 East Bridge.

Brickyard Plaza (45 pictures) The Brickyard Plaza is a mile South of Sugarhouse.

1300 East (26 pictures) 1300 East passes between Sugarhouse and Sugarhouse Park.


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