Challis, Idaho

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Challis National ForestChallis National Forest (05/10/2010) The Lost River Range is administered by the Challis National Forest.

Maddog GalleryMaddog Gallery (12/30/2001) (12/30/2001)

MainstreetMainstreet (12/30/2001)

Custer SaloonCuster Saloon (12/30/2001) Notice the dog crossing the street to fetch his master from the saloon.

ChallisChallis (12/30/2001)

Challis SchoolsChallis Schools (12/30/2001)

Chamber of CommerceChamber of Commerce (12/30/2001)

Strip MallStrip Mall (12/30/2001) Quaint downtowns are a thing of the past. A strip mall on the outskirts of Challis.

Challis ViewChallis View (12/30/2001)

Highway 93Highway 93 (12/30/2001) Heading out of Challis.

Salmon Valley from ChallisSalmon Valley from Challis (12/30/2001) Looking up the Salmon River Valley from Challis.

Challis ValleyChallis Valley (02/09/2001) A view from Challis

Challis ValleyChallis Valley (02/09/2001) A view of the ridge across the valley from Challis, Idaho.

Lost River Mountain???Lost River Mountain??? (02/09/2001) I believe that this is the start of the Lost River mountains as seen from Challis.

Lost River MountainsLost River Mountains (02/09/2001) I am looking east from Challis at what I believe are the distant peaks of the Lost River Mountains

Challis RidgeChallis Ridge (02/09/2001) This is looking from the residential streets of Challis toward the ridge that is just out of downtown.

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Challis, Idaho (population 2293, elevation 5283) is the county of seat of Custer County. It is located in Central Idaho on the Salmon River.


Context: Towns-Idaho

Highway 93 (207 pictures) Downtown Challis is a quarter mile west of U93.

Stanley, Idaho (17 pictures) Highway 75 from Challis follows the Salmon River to Stanley. You then have the option of crossing Banner Summit to get to Boise or Galena Summit to Sun Valley.

Salmon River (137 pictures) Challis is on the Salmon River, near the Yankee Fork state park.

Salmon, Idaho (84 pictures) Salmon Idaho is down river from Challis.


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