Stanley, Idaho

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Stanley BurbsStanley Burbs (09/18/2001) The 'burbs of Stanley, Idaho. Let's hope they don't get too prolific.

Mountain RanchMountain Ranch (09/18/2001) A ranch just outside Stanley.

Stanley ViewStanley View (09/18/2001) View north of Stanley.

Lower StanleyLower Stanley (09/18/2001) Jagged rocks crown the Salmon Canyon walls in lower Stanley

Rock FormationRock Formation (09/18/2001) A close up of the rock formations outside lower Stanley

From Lower StanleyFrom Lower Stanley (09/18/2001) The Sawtooth Moutains seen from lower Stanley

Rock FormationsRock Formations (09/18/2001)

Lower StanleyLower Stanley (02/09/2001) The sawtooth mountains from lower stanley.

Lower StanleyLower Stanley (02/09/2001) The businesses of Lower Stanley. There were as many snow mobiles running about town as there were cars.

Upper StanleyUpper Stanley (02/09/2001) A winter scene from upper Stanley

Stanley LodgeStanley Lodge (02/09/2001)

Stanley PhotographyStanley Photography (02/09/2001) Now, what do you think a photographer would do in a small town like this?

Sawtooth PhotographySawtooth Photography (02/09/2001) This photographer wouldn't have to go too find to find a picture.

StanleyStanley (02/09/2001) In upper stanley

Mountain West MercMountain West Merc (02/09/2001) Does a good business in heaters

Lower StanleyLower Stanley (02/09/2001)

A scene on a scenic routeA scene on a scenic route (02/09/2001) A picture from Lower Stanley

1-17 Pictures

Stanley Idaho (population 120, elevation 6260') is one of the most picturesque cities in the United States. It is northeast of the Sawtooth Mountains providing a spectacular view of the rugged peaks of this primative mountain range.

A fun place to visit in the summer, Stanley is known for some of the harshest winter weather in Idaho, with the winter freezes often dropping to 30 below--explaining the low population.

Context: Towns-Idaho

Sawtooth Mountains (57 pictures) The town is north east of the Saw Tooth mountains.

Salmon River (137 pictures) Stanley is on the upper Salmon River, which is a common white water destination.

Challis, Idaho (17 pictures) Challis, Idaho is down river from Stanley. Stanley is at 6260'. Challis is 5283'. So there is a pretty good altitude drop.

Scenic Route 75 (27 pictures) Stanley is on highway 75.


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