Salmon River

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Choppy WaterChoppy Water (06/01/2002) Since a road parallels the river, this section of river is a popular day trip.

Salmon RiverSalmon River (06/01/2002)

Granite WallsGranite Walls (06/01/2002) The granite walls carved by the Salmon River.

Watch for the RockWatch for the Rock (06/01/2002) Just a warning, there is a rock in the river.

Salmon RiverSalmon River (06/01/2002)

Fast WaterFast Water (06/01/2002) The water seems to be moving swiftly, with a good number of obstacles to avoid.

Salmon River CanyonSalmon River Canyon (06/01/2002)

Continuing RapidsContinuing Rapids (06/01/2002)

Overlapping WavesOverlapping Waves (06/01/2002)

Salmon River BridgeSalmon River Bridge (06/01/2002) Shortly beyond Panther Creek, we come to the last bridge across the Salmon River.

River BeachRiver Beach (06/01/2002) At lower water this is a nice little beach.

DriftwoodDriftwood (06/01/2002)

Salmon River BridgeSalmon River Bridge (06/01/2002)

BridgeBridge (06/01/2002) Bridges tend to make some of the most dangerous rapids.

Salmon RiverSalmon River (06/01/2002)

ChuteChute (06/01/2002)

Salmon River CanyonSalmon River Canyon (06/01/2002) The river cuts its way through some impressively large blocks of granite.

Side CanyonSide Canyon (06/01/2002) A side canyon of the Salmon River in the Ebenezer Bar area.

Cable CarCable Car (06/01/2002) The houses on the far side of the river depend on cable cars for crossing the river.

Cable CarCable Car (06/01/2002) Used to cross the river, the cable cars are a little bit intimidating. Fortunately, you will land safely in a rapid should you fall out.

137 Pictures: 0-20 , 20-40 , 40-60 , 61-80 , 80-100 , 100-120 , 120-137

The Salmon River domninates central Idaho. Its headwaters are in the Sawtooth Mountains. The river flows north through Stanley to Challis, Salmon and North Fork, then veers west into the Salmon Mountains and the Frank Church Wilderness to Riggins, Idaho. The section of River between North Fork and Riggins Idaho is aptly dubbed the River of No Return. Lewis and Clark scouted the upper part of the river, and decided that the grim trek back into Montana was a better route than the wild untamed rapids of the Salmon River.

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Sawtooth Mountains (57 pictures) The headwaters of the Salmon are in the Scenic Sawtooth wilderness in Central Idaho.

Highway 93 (207 pictures) The Salmon River meets u93 in Challis, Idaho. U93 follows the river through Salmon and North Fork.

Challis, Idaho (17 pictures) Challis one of the major towns on the Salmon.

Ellis, Idaho (3 pictures) The Salmon River joins the Pahsimeroi River at Ellis, Idaho. The road from Ellis to Howe provides and interesting "long cut" between Salmon and Idaho Falls, going through one of the less developed areas of Idaho.

Salmon, Idaho (84 pictures) The valley widens at the bustling metropolis of Salmon, Idaho. Salmon is where the Lewis and Clark expedition joined the river.

Salmon River Bridge (37 pictures) I took a slew of photos of the old Salmon River Bridge on Island Park in Salmon.

Rivers (1 pictures) The Salmon River is one of the major rivers in the US.

Pine Creek (28 pictures) William Clark turned around near Pine Creek. Road [032] heads up Pine Creek into the Salmon Mountains.

Panther Creek (9 pictures) Panther Creek is one of the larger tributaries of the Salmon River in Central Idaho.

Frank Church Wilderness (20 pictures) The River of No Return runs unfettered from Corn Creek to about 20 miles east or Riggins. The Salmon River is one of the most popular wilderness boat trips in the US.


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