Sawtooth Mountains

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Distant MountainsDistant Mountains (02/09/2001)

Distant PeaksDistant Peaks (02/09/2001)

Moutain ValleyMoutain Valley (02/09/2001)

SawtoothSawtooth (02/09/2001)

SawtoothSawtooth (02/09/2001)

SawtoothSawtooth (02/09/2001)

PanoramaPanorama (02/09/2001)

Head of the Salmon RiverHead of the Salmon River (09/18/2001) The head waters of the Salmon river, south of the Sawtooth range

Stanley BurbsStanley Burbs (09/18/2001) The 'burbs of Stanley, Idaho. Let's hope they don't get too prolific.

Mountain RanchMountain Ranch (09/18/2001) A ranch just outside Stanley.

From Lower StanleyFrom Lower Stanley (09/18/2001) The Sawtooth Moutains seen from lower Stanley

Lower StanleyLower Stanley (02/09/2001) The sawtooth mountains from lower stanley.

Upper StanleyUpper Stanley (02/09/2001) A winter scene from upper Stanley

Sawtooth PhotographySawtooth Photography (02/09/2001) This photographer wouldn't have to go too find to find a picture.

StanleyStanley (02/09/2001) In upper stanley

Sawtooth View AreaSawtooth View Area (02/09/2001) The Sawtooth Valley overlook on State 75

MountainsMountains (03/10/2002) Southern Idaho is graced by expansive visitas with distant mountains. These mountains are administered by the Sawtooth National Forest. They are a little more subtle than jagged peaks of the SNRA

57 Pictures: 0-20 , 20-40 , 41-57

The Sawtooth Mountains cut into the skies in central Idaho. The Sawtooth are some of the most spectactular peaks in the country.

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Salmon River (137 pictures) The Sawtooth Mountains are at the headwaters of the Salmon River.

Stanley, Idaho (17 pictures) Stanley Idaho is a small mountain town on the northeast end of the Sawtooth valley, offering a grand view of the mountains.

Scenic Route 75 (27 pictures) State road 75 runs along the Salmon River to the east of the Sawtooth.


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