Sawtooth Mountains

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StanleyStanley (09/18/2001) From beautiful downtown Stanley

Wood PileWood Pile (09/18/2001)

CattleCattle (09/18/2001) Cattle Heard outside Stanley

Ranch LandRanch Land (09/18/2001) A maze of fences partitioning off the private land

FencesFences (09/18/2001) The fence works near Stanley

SawtoothSawtooth (09/18/2001)

Jagged PeaksJagged Peaks (09/11/2001) Looking north, the Sawtooth present the view with an impressive set of jagged peaks

Nestled in the WoodsNestled in the Woods (09/11/2001) A large cabin nestled in the woods

MassiveMassive (09/18/2001) From outside Stanley, This picture gives a good idea of the size of the Sawtooth

SawtoothSawtooth (09/11/2001) The suburbs of Stanley...we can see the shear size and ruggedness of the mountains

Moutain HazeMoutain Haze (09/10/2001) Toward dusk on 9/10. The sun casts a slight haze on the scene.

SawtoothSawtooth (02/09/2001)

Mountain PeaksMountain Peaks (02/09/2001)

SawtoothSawtooth (02/09/2001)

Sawtooth PanoramaSawtooth Panorama (02/09/2001)

SawtoothSawtooth (02/09/2001)

SawtoothSawtooth (02/09/2001) Cross country skiing heaven.

Sawtooth RangeSawtooth Range (02/09/2001)

Sawtooth RangeSawtooth Range (02/09/2001)

First ViewFirst View (02/09/2001) This is the first view of the Sawtooth coming from the South on highway 75

57 Pictures: 0-20 , 21-40 , 40-57

The Sawtooth Mountains cut into the skies in central Idaho. The Sawtooth are some of the most spectactular peaks in the country.

Context: Mountains

Salmon River (137 pictures) The Sawtooth Mountains are at the headwaters of the Salmon River.

Stanley, Idaho (17 pictures) Stanley Idaho is a small mountain town on the northeast end of the Sawtooth valley, offering a grand view of the mountains.

Scenic Route 75 (27 pictures) State road 75 runs along the Salmon River to the east of the Sawtooth.


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