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100,000 Miles100,000 Miles (01/18/2013) My car passed the 100,000 mile mark. I was actually on State Street in the heart of downtown when it happened.

Boxed InBoxed In (09/09/2009) This was odd. While shopping a semi came and dropped its trailer behind my car blocking me in for about a half hour.

AltimaAltima (09/09/2009) Of all the indignity. First a bird poops on my car. Later, I drive to the store an a semi blocks me in. I was stuck here for about a half hour.

Park City ResortPark City Resort (06/12/2008) Parked at the Park City Ski Resort.

Fresh SnowFresh Snow (01/18/2001)

AltimaAltima (09/18/2001) My car early in the morning. It was cold, I was glad the car was warm inside

AltimaAltima (10/24/2001) A black Altima waits patiently as I wander around taking digital photos.

South Box Elder Parking LotSouth Box Elder Parking Lot (04/27/2006) Parked at the South Box Elder Parking Lot.

Winter RoadWinter Road (01/31/2002) A lonely Idaho road in the winter.

AltimaAltima (06/01/2002)

AltimaAltima (06/01/2002) Taking pictures of the car seemed like an interesting way to hooking together different galleries.

Shrub OakShrub Oak (00/00/2004) A shrub oak bearing its load under the weight of a Utah snow.

Clayton SmelterClayton Smelter (02/09/2001) The Clayton Smelter. Hmmm, I forgot to shut the door of my car before I ran out into the street to take a picture.

Car CollectionCar Collection (03/12/2002) To make your gift shop look open, you can park a bunch of old delapidated cars in front.

MotelMotel (04/09/2002)

Lemhi RangeLemhi Range (04/09/2002)

Carmen IdahoCarmen Idaho (04/25/2002) This small post office serves to the argricultural valley of Carmen.

Highway 65Highway 65 (09/20/2002) Grand Mesa was formed by a lava flows. The surrounding sandstone areas eroded away, creating a large lava topped flat mountain.

AltimaAltima (06/01/2002) Who needs to worry about the rain. The car is warm and dry.

Granite CliffGranite Cliff (06/01/2002) The road cut enhanced an already impressive granite cliff along the road.

38 Pictures: 1-20 , 20-38

My car keeps showing up in pictures. So I created its own separate gallery. It is a 98 Nissan Altima. Anyway, I've been roaming the west recently, and building an online photo gallery of west. You can use these subject bars to traverse the gallery. I will add an interactive map when I get the time.

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Highway 93 (207 pictures) Many of these picture were taken on Scenic Route 93 in Idaho.

Salt Lake City (439 pictures) I purchased the car in Salt Lake from a young co-worker who wanted to run off and see the world.


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