Salt Lake City

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Saint John\ s LutheranSaint John\ s Lutheran (10/25/2007) Saint John\'s Lutheran Church is due West of Liberty Park.

Horizonte CenterHorizonte Center (10/25/2007) The Horizonte Center is an alternative High School and training center operated by the Salt Lake City School District.

Franklin Covey stadiumFranklin Covey stadium (10/25/2007) The Franklin Covey Stadium is currently home to the Salt Lake Bees.

Colorful HousingColorful Housing (10/25/2007) A colorful set of housing units stands out.

Granite Education CenterGranite Education Center (10/25/2007) This is the main entrance to the Granite Education Center in South Salt Lake.

Halloween DecorationsHalloween Decorations (10/25/2007) This stylish house in Holladay is ready made for Halloween.

1300 Bridge1300 Bridge (03/07/2008) This picture shows the construction of the new 1300 East Bridge spanning Interstate 80 in Sugarhouse.

Eagle Gate CollegeEagle Gate College (07/12/2008) Eagle Gate College occupies the Ken Garff Building in Salt Lake City.

First Presbyterian Church - Salt LakeFirst Presbyterian Church - Salt Lake (07/25/2008) The corner stone of the First Presbyterian Church was laid in 1903. It was built from sandstone found in Red Butte Canyon.

Foremost InteriorsForemost Interiors (12/16/2008) Foremost Interiors has a solid exterior.

Emigration CourtEmigration Court (04/15/2009) Emigration Court is new apartment complex in downtown Salt Lake at 343 S 500.

Emigration Court ApartmentsEmigration Court Apartments (04/15/2009) The Emigration Court Apartments are a new complex on 500 East between downtown and the U.

Snowy DaySnowy Day (04/15/2009) A walk on a snowy day in Salt Lake.

Peter Pan ApartmentsPeter Pan Apartments (04/15/2009) A shot of the Peter Pan apartments demonstrations the tax day snow.

Cranes in Salt LakeCranes in Salt Lake (04/15/2009) Salt Lake City had entered a major building boom just before the onset of the recession. Cranes are a rare (but welcome) site in Utah's capital city.

2222 (04/15/2009) An attractive brown stone entrance on 100 South in downtown Salt Lake.

Utah ArtsUtah Arts (04/15/2009) A theatre on Main Street in Salt Lake City.

Flag Stone WalkFlag Stone Walk (04/15/2009) A parking meter in snowy fog.

Himalayan KitchenHimalayan Kitchen (06/25/2009) Himalayan Kitchen framed by the Ken Garff tower at 73 East 400 South in Salt Lake City.

Retrospect Water and LightRetrospect Water and Light (06/25/2009) This is a business on 700 East between State and Main.

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Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City is the capital and largest city in Utah. It is seated at the foot the majestic Wasatch Mountains. Salt Lake was the host of the 2002 Winter Olympics. As the result, there was a great frenzy of construction just before the games. If you wish to learn more about the city, please visit Salt Lake Sites. This is a large open directory with links to several thousand local web sites. The Salt Lake Photo category lists other galleries from Utah's Capital City.


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Salt Lake Community College (44 pictures) The Salt Lake Community College is the State's largest college. Its main campus is located on Redwood Road in the center of the Salt Lake Valley.

South Temple (208 pictures) South Temple is a showcase of Salt Lake architecture.

Holy Trinity - SLC Greek Orthodox Church (7 pictures) The Greek Orthodox Church on the corner of 300 West 300 South.

The Wasatch Mountains (130 pictures) The Wasatch Mountains tower over the Salt Lake Valley, providing skiing, and hiking opportunities for the people in the valley.

State Street-Salt Lake City (255 pictures) State Street (US 89) runs through the middle of the Salt Lake Valley from the Capitol building to Draper (12300 South).

Liberty Park (100 pictures) Liberty Park is on 700 East and 900 South. It houses the aviary, a pool. It is a good place for volleyball and drum circles.

UTA Trax (156 pictures) The Trax electronic train is one of the newest and coolest additions to the Salt Lake Valley

University of Utah (189 pictures) The University of Utah is the leading research University of the State. It's campus is located in the Northeast corner of the valley. You can get to it on Trax.

Murray, Utah (132 pictures) Murray is in the center of the Salt Lake Valley at about 5000 South State.

Salt Lake City Library (92 pictures) The City Library (opened in Feb 2003) is the new must see attraction of Salt Lake.

2002 SLC Games (64 pictures) Salt Lake was the host of the 2002 Olympics. Salt Lake pulled out all the stops to make it an enjoyable international event.

Jordan River Parkway (104 pictures) The Jordan River Parkway runs through the Salt Lake Valley. The paved walkway starts near 7200 South and runs north of the Fair Grounds.

Utah State (53 pictures) Salt Lake City is the capital of Utah.

Big Cottonwood Park (29 pictures) Creekside Park features an 18 hole frisbee golf course on 4800 Murray-Holladay Blvd.

Salt Lake West Side (43 pictures) Just prior to the 2002 Olympics, Salt Lake diverted the railroad lines, and the west side of Salt Lake is now undergoing major renovation.

This is the Place Heritage Park (35 pictures) This is the Place Heritage Park at the base of Emigration Canyon commemorates the arrival of the first pioneers in the Salt Lake Valley.

Gateway Plaza - Salt Lake City (118 pictures) The Gateway Plaza is a new shopping center on the west side of downtown Salt Lake City.

EnergySolutions Arena (29 pictures) Pictures of the Energy Solutions Arena in downtown Salt Lake City.

Salt Palace Convention Center (28 pictures) This gallery shows images of the Salt Palace Convention Center in downtown Salt Lake City.

Salt Lake City - Southside (41 pictures) This gallery shows images from the South Side of Salt Lake.


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