Apiaceae Family

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Mystery PlantMystery Plant (07/02/2008) I was intrigued with the seed pods on this mystery plant in the carrot family.

Early BloomerEarly Bloomer (04/13/2013) An early bloomer on the grounds outside Red Butte Garden.

BiscuitrootBiscuitroot (05/08/2001) A member of the parsley family...perhaps Biscuitroot

Yellowish FlowerYellowish Flower (05/22/2006) Yellow flower with the double umbel of the Apiaceae family

Compound UmbelCompound Umbel (05/22/2006) A member of the Parsley Family. I dare not guess which member.

Double UmbelDouble Umbel (05/22/2006) Double umbel of the Parsley Family.

Cow ParsnipCow Parsnip (07/09/2006) The Little Water Trail had many, many samples of Cow Parsnip in bloom during early July.

Interesting SeedsInteresting Seeds (06/15/2006) An interesting set of seeds on this mysterious plant.

Little WaterLittle Water (07/09/2006) The Little Water Fork of Mill Creek lined by Cow Parsnip.

Backlit Cow ParsnipBacklit Cow Parsnip (07/09/2006) This backlit Cowparsnip (Heracleum spp.) highlights the compound umbel structure of the Apiaceae family.

Cow ParsnipCow Parsnip (07/09/2006) Cow Parsnip is noted for its large flowers.

Cow ParsnipCow Parsnip (07/09/2006) A different style of cows parsnip.

Cow ParsnipCow Parsnip (07/09/2006) It is hard to miss the Cows Parsnip.

Cow ParsnipCow Parsnip (07/09/2006) This backside view of the Cowsparsnip brings out the flare of the double umbel.

Gone to SeedGone to Seed (07/21/2006) Interesting deep black seeds.

1-15 Pictures


Pictures of the The Apiaceae (also known as Umbelliferae) family of flowering plants. This large family of plants has about 300 genera and 3000 species. The family includes highly toxic plants such as hemlock and a large number of staple farm plants including carrots, parsley, celery, chervil, dill, fennel, parsnip, anise, cumin, coriander, caraway, etc..

The flowers in the family usually have a compound umbel (double umbel).

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