Hydrophyllaceae Family

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WaterleafWaterleaf (05/14/2009) The flower of the waterleaf grows about half way up the stem.

WaterleafWaterleaf (05/14/2009) Waterleaf framed by a rock in Neff Canyon

Waterleaf and LogWaterleaf and Log (05/14/2009) Waterleaf framed by a log in Neff Canyon

WaterleafWaterleaf (05/10/2009) The shy Waterleaf flower is a favorite of the Wasatch.

Tomorrows WaterleafTomorrows Waterleaf (05/10/2009) This waterleaf has it debut planned for the day after Mother's Day.

WaterleafWaterleaf (05/25/2008) Waterleaf in Neffs Canyon.

WaterleafWaterleaf (05/08/2001) Hydrophyllaceae family possibly H. fendleri.

WaterleafWaterleaf (05/08/2001) Hydrophyllaceae family possibly H. fendleri.

Silky PhaceliaSilky Phacelia (06/20/2006) Silky Phacelia (aka Scorpionweed) growing along SR 213 in the Uinta Mountains.

Silky ScorpionweedSilky Scorpionweed (06/20/2006) Silky Scorpionweed (Phacelia sericea) growing along SR213 in the Weber River Valley.

Waterleaf in the WasatchWaterleaf in the Wasatch (06/15/2006) A Waterleaf flower along the Elbow Fork Trail in the Wasatch Mountains.

WaterleafWaterleaf (05/15/2007) The flowers of the Waterleaf seem to grow half way up the stem.

WaterleafWaterleaf (05/15/2007) The Waterleaf protects its flowers under its folliage.

Large WaterleafLarge Waterleaf (05/15/2007) This is a large waterleaf blossom.

Waterleaf PodWaterleaf Pod (06/16/2008) Waterleaf going to seed.

Waterleaf Going to SeedWaterleaf Going to Seed (06/16/2008) A second view of waterleaf going to seed.

WaterleafWaterleaf (05/14/2009) Waterleaf in the Wasatch Mountains.

1-17 Pictures

Hydrophyllaceae Family

The Hydrophyllaceae Family (aka waterleaf) contains about 20 genera and 300 species of plants. Current thinking (Wikipedia) is that this family is closely related to the large Boraginaceae family.

Context: Flowers

Wildflowers (123 pictures) Waterleaf is a popular wildflower of the Mountain West.

Boraginaceae Family (16 pictures) Some botanists include the Waterleaf family with the Boragenaceae family.


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