Primulaceae Family

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Flowers at the CapitolFlowers at the Capitol (07/04/2009) The gardens at the State Capitol include a number of intriguing flowers.

Shooting StarShooting Star (06/20/2006) A shooting star (Dodecatheon spp.) growing in a bog in the Upper Weber River area of the Uinta Mountains.

PrimrosePrimrose (06/20/2006) We think this is a primrose. It was growing in a bog near Yellow Pine Creek.

Shooting StarShooting Star (05/20/2007) Dodecatheon clevelandii (Shooting Star) was in bloom on Daniel Summit on U40.

Shooting StarShooting Star (05/20/2007) Shooting Star in bloom at Daniel Summit.

Primrose?Primrose? (05/25/2007) These small flowers were growing in abundance at a rest stop on U287. Road crews mow the area, which is the reason for the damage to the leaves.

Rock JasmineRock Jasmine (04/12/2009) These flowers survived the deer's night time grazing to usher in Easter. I believe this to be Rock Jasmine (Androsace occidentalis).

Shooting StarsShooting Stars (05/15/2017) Shooting stars (Dodecatheon) is a wonderful alpine flower in the primrose family. This plants from our garden came from a seed catalog of native plants.

1-8 Pictures

Primulaceae Family

The Primulaceae Family family of flowering plants includes the Primrose, Shooting Star, Snowbell and other favorite wildflower and many garden flowers.

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