Fabaceae Family

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Clover in the GrassClover in the Grass (06/08/2006) Clover helps fix nitrogen in the soil and is a welcome addition to the lawn.

Astragulus spp.Astragulus spp. (04/08/2007) A flower growing alongside the Red Butte Canyon Skyline Trail.

AstragulasAstragulas (04/08/2007) I do believe that this little flower growing alongside the Skyline trail is a member of the pea family, must like Astragulus.

Flower CloseupFlower Closeup (04/08/2007) A close of an Astragulus flower.

PeasPeas (05/15/2007) The pea family is well represented along the Mill B Trail.

Legumes in BloomLegumes in Bloom (05/19/2007) The legumes were in bloom on the shoulder of Mount Grandeur over Parleys Crossing.

Legumes in BloomLegumes in Bloom (05/19/2007) Another variety of legume in Bloom at Parley's Canyon.

Legume in BloomLegume in Bloom (05/19/2007) Another legume (possibly alfalfa) in bloom at Parley's crossing.

Fabaceae (pea family)Fabaceae (pea family) (05/08/2001) perhaps Astragulus utahensis (Utah milkvetch)

Utah MilkvetchUtah Milkvetch (05/08/2001)

Astragalus utahensisAstragalus utahensis (04/26/2008) Astragalus utahensis (aka Lady Slippers or Loco Weed) is Utah native plant and is a member of the pea family.

CloverClover (09/13/2008) Clover was in bloom in mid September.

CloverClover (07/18/2009) Clover on the Neff Creek Trail.

LupinLupin (07/14/2010) A lupin in bloom in Killyon Canyon.

CloverClover (07/14/2010) Clover Killyon Canyon.

Yellow CloverYellow Clover (07/14/2010) Yellow Clover along Killyon Canyon.

MilkvetchMilkvetch (04/13/2013) Milkvetch is an early bloomer in Utah.

PodsPods (10/31/2017) I believe this plant was a vetch. It has very interesting pods.

38 Pictures: 0-20 , 21-38

Fabaceae Family

Modern taxanomists were particularly intoxicated when they decided to take on the Leguminosae family (peas). First note, that Leguminosae ends with an "sae" rather than an "eae". So they had to toss that name and give the legume family a different name Fabaceae. Some systems make Caesalpinioideae, Mimosoideae and Faboideae subfamilies of Fabaceae others make these classes of plants full families.

Anyway, the families will have different names depending on the year your plant identification book was published.

The basic goal, of course, of the elitists who are currently renaming all of the plants is to drive commoners away from the hobby of enjoying nature.

Anyway, this gallery will include pictures related to the legume family including peas, milk-vetch and the wide assortment of flowers found in nature. Like many families of flowers, the scientific names are essentially becoming useless for helping identify or otherwise classify plants.

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