Jordan River Parkway

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Skateboard ParkSkateboard Park (06/28/2003) The Skateboard facility at the Jordan River Park in Salt Lake.

Matterhorn TowerMatterhorn Tower (06/28/2003) This Matterhorn recreation sits on the shore of the Jordan River in the Salt Lake International Peace Garden.

MischiefMischief (06/28/2003) Kids playing along the Jordan River.

Guardian of the GardenGuardian of the Garden (06/28/2003) The International Peace Gardens in Salt Lake City.

Jordan RiverJordan River (06/28/2003) The Jordan River flows through the Salt Lake International Peace Gardens.

Drum CircleDrum Circle (06/28/2003) Drummers celebrate the KRCL Day in the Park.

New ToyNew Toy (01/12/2006) Coco's Christmas present was a new throwable disc. She just visited the vet and is playing at the Jordan River Park.

Skateboard ParkSkateboard Park (06/28/2003) The Skateboard Park on the Jordan River Parkway.

Framed Against the WasatchFramed Against the Wasatch (02/01/2007) The Jordan River Temple framed against the Wasatch Mountains. The Temple is named for Utah's Jordan River which is in the ravine East of the Temple. The picture includes Little Cottonwood and Bells Canyon.

Backlit PondBacklit Pond (08/07/2007) This backlit shot includes the pond and amphitheater at the heritage system. The pond is part of an irrigation channel that branches off the Jordan River.

Olmec HeadOlmec Head (08/07/2007) The Olmec Head sits next to a small pond. The pond is part of the irrigation system that branches off the Jordan River.

ThistlesThistles (08/07/2007) Thistles found near the Jordan River Parkway.

Irrigation CanalIrrigation Canal (08/07/2007) This irrigation canal exits the Jordan River then runs through the Utah Cultural Celebration park.

Mt Olympus behind tailingsMt Olympus behind tailings (03/05/2001)

RiverParkRiverPark (04/14/2008) This fountains sits infront of Mountain American Savings in the RiverPark area of South Jordan.

Panorama ViewPanorama View (04/14/2008) This picture is taken from the East side of the Jordan River showin the full scale of the RiverPark development.

Jordan RiverJordan River (04/14/2008) This picture includes the RiverPark framed by the Oquirrh Mountains. The Jordan River and Jordan Riverpark way are in the foreground.

Jordan RiverJordan River (10/24/2011) A stretch of the Jordan River by the Riverpark area in South Jordan.

Riverpark OfficeRiverpark Office (10/24/2011) An office viewed from the Jordan River Parkway in South Jordan.

WetlandsWetlands (10/24/2011) The city is preserving some wetlands along the Jordan River in South Jordan.

104 Pictures: 0-20 , 20-40 , 40-60 , 60-80 , 81-100 , 100-104

Jordan River Parkway

The Jordan River Parkway follows the Jordan River through the central Salt Lake Valley. The parkway contains a paved road...which serves as a nice hiking and running trail for people in the valley. The trails starts at 7200 South, at Gardner Villiage, and runs through Salt Lake, and past the fairgrounds. The trail starts to peter out as you approach the Salt Lake. The sand flies were so thick when I tried to see how far I could ride along the parkway, that I gave out before the gravel road did.

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Context: Parks - Utah

Salt Lake City (456 pictures) The Jordan River Parkway runs through the Salt Lake Valley.

Utah Lake (17 pictures) The Jordan River starts at Utah Lake and flows to the Great Salt Lake.

RiverPark in South Jordan (101 pictures) This gallery shows pictures from the RiverPark development in South Jordan.

Murray, Utah (132 pictures) The Jordan River Parkway is on the west side of Murray, Utah.

Salt Lake West Side (43 pictures) The Jordan River Parkway skirts the west side of Salt Lake City.

A Day In the Park (13 pictures) The KRCL Day in the Park is held in the Jordan River Park on 900 W 900 S, Salt Lake City, Utah.

Dimple Dell Park (48 pictures) Dimple Dell is a green area that runs from State Street at 100000 South to Bells Canyon at the base of Lone Peak. I understand that there has been discussion about combining Jordan River and Dimple Dell in a green belt.

South Jordan (74 pictures) Both West Jordan and South Jordan are named after the Jordan River.

International Peace Gardens (35 pictures) Additional pictures of the International Peace Gardens.

Utah Cultural Celebration Center (56 pictures) Pictures from the Utah Cultural Celebration Center which is at the Riverside area of West Valley City.


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