The Wasatch Mountains

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WasatchWasatch (03/10/2002) The Norther Wasatch, near Brigham City.

Mount OgdenMount Ogden (04/09/2002) Mount Ogden towers over Ogden, Utah.

HoneyvilleHoneyville (04/09/2002)

Wasatch RangeWasatch Range (01/01/2003) This picture from downtown Provo shows that the Wasatch Front is just a short walk from city center.

25th Street25th Street (08/15/2004) Looking from Union Station toward the Wasatch in Ogden.

Weber CanyonWeber Canyon (08/15/2004) Overlooking Weber Canyon. I84 runs eastward through the Canyon to the canyon. I84 reunites with I80 in Echo, Utah.

Neffs Creek CanyonNeffs Creek Canyon (10/31/2005) A view up the south fork of Neffs Creek Canyon.

Bald MoutainBald Moutain (02/25/2006) I believe that this is Bald Mountain just North of the Heber Valley. This picture is taken from the Midway Lane between Heber and Midway.

Mountain IceMountain Ice (02/25/2006) Ice clings to the side of the canyon near Bridal Veil Falls.

Mount GrandeurMount Grandeur (01/24/2001) A picture of the side canyons from about 3300 South and Wasatch Drive

Olympus Hills Park In WinterOlympus Hills Park In Winter (00/00/2004) Looking east from Olympus Hills Park toward the Wasatch. The overpass crosses I215. The yellow building is Churchill Middle School

Big Cottonwood CreekBig Cottonwood Creek (03/31/2006) Big Cottonwood Creek near Mill B.

Big Cottonwood CanyonBig Cottonwood Canyon (03/31/2006) Big Cottonwood Canyon from near the Mill B trailhead.

Big Cottonwood CanyonBig Cottonwood Canyon (03/31/2006)

Mount Rayond?Mount Rayond? (05/19/2006) A picture from the Bowman Trail. I suspect that this is Mount Raymond.

Mt GrandeurMt Grandeur (01/24/2001) Another Picture from Sugar House Park. This is the mountain towering over Wastach Boulevard.

Alexander Basin ??Alexander Basin ?? (06/15/2006) Looking toward, what I believe to be, Alexander Basin from Elbow Fork Trail.

Elbow Fork CanyonElbow Fork Canyon (06/15/2006) This picture is from the Elbow Fork Trail, I believe the mound is Mount Aire.

Mill Creek CanyonMill Creek Canyon (06/15/2006) Mill Creek Canyon viewed from the Terraces-Elbow Fork Trail.

Mount RaymondMount Raymond (07/21/2006) Mount Raymond from the Grandeur Peak Trail.

130 Pictures: 0-20 , 20-40 , 40-60 , 60-80 , 81-100 , 100-120 , 120-130

The Wasatch Mountains

Located just East of a major metropolis major metropolis. The Wasatch Mountains are one of the used mountain ranges in the world.

The Wasatch mountains are beneficiaries of a light lake effect snow, making the valley a haven for skiers. The mountains also provide the water needed to make the valley a rich argricultural center...well at least it did until the valley filled up with houses.

Context: Mountains

Salt Lake City (434 pictures) The Wasatch Mountains define the east side of the Salt Lake Valley.

City Creek Canyon (35 pictures) City Creek Canyon drains directly into downtown Salt Lake.

Twin Peak-Wasatch Mountains (11 pictures) Twin Peaks sit between Little and Big Cottonwood Canyon.

Mount Timapnogos (25 pictures) Mount Timpanogas is officially part of the Unitah Moutains. It towers over American Fork in Utah Valley.

Wasatch Boulevard (71 pictures) Wasatch Boulevard traverses the benches at the base of the Wastach Mountains.

Lone Peak (12 pictures) Lone Peak is the southern most peak in the Salt Lake. It is a massive mountain with a numerous steep side caynons. Look carefully from the valley, you can see the famed Lone Peak Circ. It is a beautiful, but long hike.

Mount Olympus (136 pictures) Mount Olympus is the most prominent peak viewed from downtown. The broad north face of the mountain appears as a solid cliff. From the central valley you see it is a steep slope.

Wasatch Mountain State Park (14 pictures) Wasatch Mountain State Park is on the East Side of the Wasatch Mountains near Midway.

2002 SLC Games (64 pictures) The Wasatch Mountains will be one of the main attractions during the 2002 Winter Games, and will feature prominently in all the alpine events.

Park City, Utah (164 pictures) Park City is a resort town on the East side of the Wasatch Mountains.

Mill Creek Canyon (193 pictures) Mill Creek Canyon provides recreational access to the Wastach. You can access Mill Creek Canyon Road from Wasatch Boulevard at about 3700 South.


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