Get Linking Code
This page will generate a thumbnail link to share the picture #36 titled . The first option is a basic thumbnail link to the picture.

The second box will let you reblog from tumblr. Press the button to share on tumblr. After reblogging, you can enter the URL to your tumblr post and I will link to photo to your page. (list of shared pages. If the picture is already on tumblr, I link to the tumblr post.
Picture Link

Social Media

I was working on code to share photos on social media, but I decided I didn't want links to their sites on all of my pages. If you want to tweet about a page, just copy the URL for the page and tweet about it. If you want to share this photo, copy the URL from the box and paste in your browser:

Tumblr Code

I've started playing with the photo sharing site tumblr and have created several galleries including Arizona Color, Colorado Color, Idaho Color, Utah Color and Wyoming Color. You can press the button below to reblog a photo on tumblr. After reblogging the photo. You can enter the URL of the tumblr post and create a link between the picture and tumblr page. (I aggressively delete any inappropriate links).

Share on Tumblr

After creating the tumblr page, use the form below to record the URL of the tumblr page:


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