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Zagg - ATTZagg - ATT (10/25/2017) Building houses a Zagg outlet and ATT store along with a sandwich shop.

Green ConstructionGreen Construction (11/02/2013) Builders have started using wallboard with a bright green coat. I guess this is green construction. (The building is the corporate offices for ZAGG)

Three Hundred DollarsThree Hundred Dollars (04/04/2016) I've been grocery shopping at Winco for my parents. Winco doesn't take credit cards; so I went to the bank and got some of these bad boys.

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Zagg (NASDAQ ZAGG is Utah based manufacturer of protective products and accessories for smart phones. Their leading product is the invisible shield protector for smartphones.

Zagg also provides keyboard cases, cases and other popular accessories for smartphones.

The company has recently added a chain of stores offering cellphones and accessories with locations at malls and popular shopping districts.

ZAGG built a new corporate office in the RiverWalk area of Midvale. The company has an affiliate program through Commission Junction.

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Midvale Utah (31 pictures) ZAGG's headquarters are located in the RiverWalk district of Midvale.

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