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Verizon and Check CityVerizon and Check City (10/30/2017) Verizon and Check City occupy this strip on 3300 South. It is convenient. You can take out a payday loan to pay your cell bill.

Verizon TreeVerizon Tree (10/24/2017) Verizon is building an artificial tree at the school ... just in time for Christmas.

Verizon Tower BaseVerizon Tower Base (10/04/2017) Verizon is constructing a cellphone tower at the local school. This is the base with Mount Olympus in the background. I understand the tower will be camouflaged as a tree.

Verizon Tower BaseVerizon Tower Base (10/16/2017) Just an update on the Verizon Tower base.

1-4 Pictures

Verizon, one of the Baby Bells, has grown to be the largest cellphone provider in the nation and, through acquisition, has grown to be one of the largest Internet companies.

This gallery will show things associated with Verizon including cellphone towers and branches of goWireless.

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