Venture Outdoor Festival

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Active DisplayActive Display (06/16/2012) Kids work on a display at the Venture Outdoors Festival.

Inflatable SlideInflatable Slide (06/16/2012) An inflatable slide at the festival.

The MarkThe Mark (06/16/2012) A mark is set up for a splash at this dunking tank.

Arent BoothArent Booth (06/16/2012) Local representatives had booths at the community festival.

Pine Cone DisplayPine Cone Display (06/16/2012) The forest service had a pine cone display at the event.

The Pampered ChefThe Pampered Chef (06/16/2012) There were some direct marketing merchants on display. The Pampered Chef is a company owned by Warren Buffett's Bershire Hathaway.

Scouting DisplayScouting Display (06/16/2012) The Girl Scouts were recruiting during the festival. I had my eye on Girl Scout Cookies.

Inflatable Plastic ThingInflatable Plastic Thing (06/16/2012) There were several inflatable plastic things at the community festival.

Campaign BoothsCampaign Booths (06/16/2012) 2012 was an election year and the festival with rife with political booths.

Playworks BoothPlayworks Booth (06/16/2012) Playworks is a national non-profit group that promotes inclusive games during recess.

Canyon Rim ParkCanyon Rim Park (06/16/2012) Festival grounds at Canyon Rim Park.

Festival BoothsFestival Booths (06/16/2012) Booths at the 2012 Venture Outdoor Festival in Mill Creek Township.

Canyon Rim AmphitheaterCanyon Rim Amphitheater (06/16/2012) The Canyon Rim Amphitheater was a venue for live music.

Smokey the BearSmokey the Bear (06/16/2012) Smokey the Bear was on hand to remind people to put out their campfires!

Dog Friendly FestivalDog Friendly Festival (06/16/2012) The Venture Outdoor Festival is a dog friendly event.

Zip LineZip Line (06/16/2012) There was a long line waiting for this tree to tree zip line.

Festival WalkFestival Walk (06/16/2012) The festival lines the cement walkway through Canyon Rim Park.

Plastic Suit DisplayPlastic Suit Display (06/16/2012) A display about disaster relief at the Venture Outdoor Festival.

Pony RidePony Ride (06/16/2012) There was a pony ride for the little ones. Sadly, the ponies aren't for overweight, out of shape web developers.

Line of BoothsLine of Booths (06/16/2012) A view of the festival booths at the Venture Outdoor Festival.

42 Pictures: 0-20, 21-40 , 40-42

The Venture Outdoor Festival is an annual community event held in Canyon Rim Park in Mid June.

The festival includes a variety of outdoor activities and information booths. The 2012 booths included groups offering outdoor activities, promoting alternative energy, kids activities and political booths.

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