Sears and Kmart

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Sears - Salt Lake CitySears - Salt Lake City (06/25/2009) The Salt Lake Sears is on the 700 block between State and Main.

Salt Lake Sears ClosingSalt Lake Sears Closing (01/19/2018) This took me be surprise. The three story Sears on State Street and 700 South closed. I really thought that this would be one of the last Sears to close.

Murray Big KMurray Big K (12/26/2017) The Big K on 900 East in Murray has gone to that retail space in the sky. I used to shop here.

ears Searsears Sears (01/19/2018) The Sears Store at 700 South State lost an "S"; As new "S"es are hard to come by they decided to close the store.

Salt Lake SearsSalt Lake Sears (01/19/2018) The three story Salt Lake Sears Stores was one of the most handsome big box stores in Salt Lake.

1-5 Pictures

Pictures of Sears and KMart

Sears is one of the nation's leading department. In 2005, Sears merged with KMart with the hope of creating a retail behemoth that could compete in size with Walmart.

Unfortunately, their Internet strategy was not strong enough and the debt-ridden store appears to be on the brink of closure. This page shows pictures of the stores as I come across in my wanderings.

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