Prismacolor Pencils

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PrismaColor Pencils

I bought a box of 120 Berol Prismacolor Pencils back in the 1980s to work on an art project. I was forced by life to stop the project packed the pencils away.

To my delight, I found that the pencils were as good as new. I believe that prismacolor pencils are the best pencils for drawing pictures for web sites and sketch books. The pencils are not color safe; so they are not ideal for wall art. Of course, if I wanted to created wall art, I would reach for acrylics or even oil paints.

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I also bought the Prismacolor ArtStix. These are pastel shaped stix with just the media. That way you can color with the wasted wood used in the pencils. The medium is extremely clean compared to oil pastels which can make a big mess.

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