Power Grid

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Verizon Tower BaseVerizon Tower Base (10/04/2017) Verizon is constructing a cellphone tower at the local school. This is the base with Mount Olympus in the background. I understand the tower will be camouflaged as a tree.

Power LinesPower Lines (10/24/2011) Photogenic high tension powerlines run through South Jordan.

Power Lines and FacilitiesPower Lines and Facilities (03/12/2011) Power lines and facilities at Hoovers Dam.

Cable SystemCable System (03/12/2011) This tower is part of the cabling system which holds the power lines coming from Hoover Dam.

1-4 Pictures

The Power Grid

When taking pictures, I find that I often have to go out of my way to get a good shot that doesn't include a power line. Figuring that powerlines are part of the culture, I will try to take shots where the lines do the least damage or even enhance the shot.

While staring at high tension power lines running through a city, I decided to capitulate completely and will start taking pictures of parts of the power grid.

This section of ProtoPhoto includes shots of telephone poles, powerlines, transformer stations, solar panel grids and other aspects of the power grid that dot the Community.

Context: Buildings

Alternative Energy (4 pictures) Pictures involving solar panels, windmills and alternative energy.


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